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Charms and joys of water tourism

From waterbuses to yakatabune houseboats, to cruisers, some featuring a restaurant, Tokyo offers various modes of water travel. Even the familiar cityscape promises to look fresh from the river and the sea. Here, let's rediscover Tokyo from a whole new angle.

Joys of cruising

Which to ride?
Varieties of Tokyo cruise services

Cruisers with a restaurant offering a panorama of the Tokyo Bay area, waterbuses designed in the image of a spaceship, yakatabune houseboats retaining the energy of the Edo period, luxury cruisers, and more—Tokyo offers a variety of cruise services. Which ride will you take today?

Tokyo waterscapes

Scenes of Tokyo as seen from the water

The city center lined with skyscrapers, the lively shitamachi area, and the coastal area—even these familiar scenes of Tokyo promise to look fresh from the water. Plus, the same scene changes completely between day and night, adding to the unique charms of Tokyo.

Tokyo's four seasons from the water

Cherry blossoms! Fireworks!
Take in Tokyo's four seasons!

The cherry blossoms along the banks of the Sumidagawa River are the only in Tokyo that can be admired from the water. Fireworks in summer are extra special when viewed from a yakatabune houseboat. And trees on the waterside turn shades of red and yellow in autumn. Sit back, relax, and take in the view of Tokyo's four seasons from the water.

Delicious cruise cuisine

From a taste of tradition to sweet delights

Yakatabune houseboats offer delectable tempura and monjayaki. And cruisers featuring a restaurant serve everything from course meals prepared by a first-rate chef to sweets and buffet. Enjoy a variety of cruise cuisines while gazing at the cityscape or night view of Tokyo gently flowing by.

Landing highlights

See, taste, play, and experience

Plan some free time either before or after traveling by water, as the landings of cruise services are situated near notable sights, restaurants, shopping destinations, and spots worth experiencing. This section takes a look at the highlights of each landing.

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