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Updated: January 9, 2024

This cycling route allows you to experience both the old and new sides of Tokyo. It starts with the modern high-rise cityscape around Tokyo Station, passes through the old-fashioned streets of Tsukudajima and Tsukishima, and finishes along the Greenway cycle path with spectacular views of Tokyo Bay. Enjoy the fresh breeze as you cycle along, with plenty of green areas and spots to get off your bike and take a break on the way.
The route starts at Tokyo Station.

General Tips

  • Buy some authentic tsukudani as you explore the streets of the old fishing village of Tsukudajima
  • Try some monjayaki in Tsukishima Monja Street, the home of this popular Tokyo dish
  • Enjoy the scenery of four parks as you cycle along the Greenway cycle path

Map Legend

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Tokyo Station

The starting point is on the east side of Tokyo Station. The Yaesu district is found in Chuo City, between the upscale streets of Ginza and Nihonbashi. This area was named after Jan Joosten van Lodensteyn, a Dutch navigator and trader who arrived in Japan at the beginning of the Edo period, and was known in Japanese as Yayosu.
Cycle down Yaesu Street while looking at Tokyo's premier office district lined with skyscrapers. Head towards Chuo Ohashi Bridge.

Bike15 mins



Tsukudajima is a small island in Tokyo Bay, located at the mouth of the Sumida River, between Chuo Ohashi Bridge and Tsukuda Ohashi Bridge. It was originally inhabited by fishermen who moved from Osaka in the early Edo period. It still retains the look and charm of the old fishing village, with its canals and boat docks.
Cross the vermillion Tsukuda Kobashi Bridge, which is considered the entrance to Tsukudajima. Have a look at Sumiyoshi Shrine, built in 1646, and find somewhere to buy some tsukudani, a famous local dish usually eaten with rice.
You can also stop at the Sumiyoshi Watergate or the green Tsukuda Park, where you can see the Ishikawajima Lighthouse, and watch the water buses of the Tokyo Mizube Line carrying people along the river.
Pause for a moment to appreciate the contrasting sight of the traditional fishing village surrounded by the modern high rise buildings across the river.

Bike1 min



Tsukishima Monja Street is lined with numerous establishments that serve Tokyo's famous monjayaki, and is the perfect place to stop for lunch. Known locally as “monja,” this pan-fried pancake-style dish can trace its roots back to the Edo period, and is the Kanto region’s answer to western Japan’s okonomiyaki.
In addition to monjayaki shops there are some interesting cafes and old-fashioned coffee shops, so find one that takes your fancy before leaving the Tsukishima area.

Bike20 mins


Toyosu Gururi Park

Toyosu Gururi Park is the southernmost of the four parks located in the Toyosu neighborhood. It opened in 2018 to coincide with the completion of the neighboring Toyosu Market.
As you cycle along the waterfront, you can enjoy the scenery of Tokyo Bay, including Rainbow Bridge, and the skyscrapers of the city center. There are various benches where you can get off your bike and take a moment to appreciate the view.

Bike20 mins


Tatsuminomori Greenway Park

Head to Tatsuminomori Greenway (Ryokudo) Park, which you’ll find to the south of Tatsuminomori Seaside Park. Here you can pick up the Greenway cycling path which takes in four pleasant parks. With about 380 Yoshino sakura trees, the park is a popular cherry blossom viewing spot in the spring, and also a filming location for dramas.

Bike5 mins


Yumenoshima Greenway Park

Follow the cycle path eastwards and you’ll pass through wooded areas of Yumenoshima Greenway Park that will make you forget you're in the city. During the rainy season in June you can see many colorful hydrangea flowers in bloom.

Bike5 mins


Shinkiba Greenway Park

Next, head south through Shinkiba Greenway Park. You can see Tokyo Bay stretching out in front of you, and helicopters taking off and landing on the helipad. A train depot is also visible from the top of the overpass, and you will also be able to catch sight of Disneyland from the Panorama Terrace.

Bike5 mins


Wakasu Seaside Park

Keep following the cycling path southwards, and you’ll reach the final stop on our route, Wakasu Seaside Park, which offers a close-up view of the spectacular Tokyo Gate Bridge. On a clear day, you might even be able to see Mt. Fuji in the distance.

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