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Updated: February 13, 2023

Explore sunken warships and seek out green sea turtles

Discover pristine beaches, untamed nature, fascinating wildlife, and incredible scenic views 1,000 km south of central Tokyo on Chichijima Island. For a new perspective of Japan's capital, the island is both small enough to explore in a day or two, and diverse enough to keep you busy for a longer stay.


  • Dive through the remains of Hinko-maru, a sunken warship
  • Explore the stunning scenery of Ogamiyama Park
  • Go island hopping across to Minamijima

How to Get There

You can only access the remote island by catching the Ogasawara-maru Ferry from Tokyo's Takeshiba Pier.

The trip takes 24 hours, with one departure every three to four days during peak season, and one departure per week during the rest of the year.

Admire the view from Ogamiyama Park

Ogamiyama Park is in the northern part of the island, and you'll find rolling green hills as well as Ogamiyama-jinja Shrine. The deep green of the hills, the rich blue of the ocean, and the pure white sand provide you with a beautiful backdrop for photographs. Near the neighboring Futami Port you’ll discover most of the island’s restaurants and bars where you can sample fresh, local seafood.

Ogamiyama Park in the distance
Ogamiyama Park


All beaches great and small

Chichijima Island is home to a vast collection of beaches, all offering something a little different. Kominato—the island’s longest beach —is perfect for shallow water paddling. The protected Miyanohama Beach is a snorkeler’s delight, while Hatsuneura Beach is best accessed via a 70-minute hike through the jungle-like forests.

Ohmura Beach
A trail in Kominato Beach
The shore of Kominato Beach
Kominato Beach


Dive through the remains of a Japanese warship

From the shores of Sakaiura Beach you’ll see the remains of Hinko-maru, a Japanese cargo ship that was torpedoed and sunk during the Second World War. If you’re feeling adventurous and have some diving or snorkeling gear, get out in the crystal clear waters to inspect the wreck from up-close and meet the sea-dwelling locals that now call the ship home.

A swing by the sea


Visit one of the country's most exclusive islands

Located a kilometer off the coast to the south, the small island of Minamijima is home to incredibly rare fauna and flora. Only 100 guests can visit this island per day, and you'll need a licensed local guide with you when you do. Keep an eye out for the island’s population of green sea turtles and seabirds that inhabit the jagged cliffs and white sand beaches.

The coast along Minamijima
The shore of Minamijima
The coast along Chichijima





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