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Updated: August 30, 2023

Enjoy four seasons of Tokyo wonders through cherry blossoms, fire works and more

Explore the city’s streets and natural scenery—the charms of Tokyo are the charms of the four seasons: fireworks in summer, the changing foliage in fall, the nighttime views of winter, and cherry blossoms in the spring. Each scene is unique to its season, each view all the more impressive when seen by boat.


  • See the cherry trees blooming on the banks of the Sumida River
  • Watch the fireworks from a water bus or yakatabune pleasure boat
  • See how the autumn leaves color the waterfront orange and red
  • Enjoy a light display and wintry nighttime views from the water

A multitude of cherry trees bloom by the water

Between March and April in Tokyo, the cherry blossoms reach their peak. Rows of trees lining the city's many river banks come into full bloom simultaneously, providing spectacular views from the water. Indeed, boats float by some of Tokyo’s best cherry-blossom viewing spots. Enjoy the illuminated blossoms at night, and also the blanket of petals which covers the surface of the water when you take a water bus. Of particular interest are the many blossom festivals on the Sumida River, as well as famous spots on the Meguro River, and around Chidorigafuchi.
Meguro River
When and where to see cherry blossoms in Tokyo


Firework festivals as seen by boat

In summer, the riverbanks and riversides host various festivals and firework displays. Feel the beauty and force of each firework as you watch from the deck of a water bus or yakatabune pleasure boat. The soft light of yakatabune lanterns and bright splashes of light from firework festivals reflecting off the water is a classic image of summertime in Tokyo.
Fireworks Guide
Riverside Walks


Bright autumn on the waterfront

Autumn’s approach can be seen in the trees, dotted with color beneath a clear sky. From the end of November to the beginning of December, the trees in waterfront spots like Sumida Park and Hama-rikyu Gardens burn with orange and red leaves. Ride among the fiery leaves as you experience an autumn like no other.
Autumn Leaves


Winter scenes at night full of natural beauty

Winter is the season for evening scenery. See the city sparkling and reflecting on the water like crystal towers under a starry sky. The bridge over the Sumida River, TOKYO SKYTREE, the illuminated Tokyo Tower, and the light display on Tokyo Bay—it’s a joy to take in these views in a single sweep as you cruise the nighttime waters.
Winter Illumination Guide