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Updated: September 26, 2022

Spend a day on the river with good food and good times

Sun and summer and a barbeque by a beautiful river—is there anything better? Not much can beat the heat or offer a respite from summer like watching the water flow by with a cool river breeze as the smell of grilled meat and veggies takes over. Relax in the open air and enjoy the natural surroundings in a safe environment. Your stomach will be growling to visit these locations that offer great Tokyo riverside BBQ experiences. Here are three wonderful BBQ spots in Tokyo for you to enjoy a barbeque while appreciating a river view.


  • Book in advance to ensure that you can BBQ on the day you’ll be visiting
  • Bring sunscreen to make sure you don’t get sunburned
  • Reserve a food package or bring your own cuts of meat and veggies, if allowed
  • Be sure to clean up after yourself before leaving the grounds

BBQ at Shioiri Park is a Treat that Can’t Be Beat

Explore a wonderful and verdant park as you eat some grilled goodies at this outdoor BBQ in Tokyo. Shioiri Park was developed as a part of an urban development project in 2006. Located about 12 minutes’ walk from Minami-Senju Station, enjoy a day on the banks of Sumida River, make the most of the spacious grounds and large structures, breathe in the fresh air provided by lush greenery, and escape the stress of Tokyo’s urban center. This family-friendly park also lets pets join in the fun, so long as they remain leashed and owners clean up after them. Parents of young children will also find the park has convenient changing stations.
Best of all, you can enjoy a barbeque at Shioiri Park. The park accepts online reservations for their BBQ area, and once you reserve a date online, you can bring your own food to grill and enjoy the luxury of a green riverside. After your meal, maybe enjoy a tennis match at one of the four tennis courts located inside the park. There are also many walking paths next to the Sumida River for you to relax and stroll along. And at the end of the day, enjoy the beautiful sunset. During summer, Shioiri Park also offers a great vantage point from where you can watch the Sumida River Fireworks Festival.

©️Shioiri Park

Enjoy Lunch or Dinner at Koto City Wakasu Park

Watch the water and waves while you eat some delicious BBQ at Koto City Wakasu Park, located on Wakasu Island. About 15 minutes from Shinkiba Station by bus, the seaside park is built on reclaimed land south of Shin-Kiba in Tokyo. Visitors can enjoy leisure activities such as camping, golf, and sea fishing. There are even bicycles for rent and plenty of cycling trails for you to enjoy. While on the island, cat-lovers can watch the many friendly stray cats which live near the rocky area at the tip of the park. There’s so much to do at the park, and that’s before you even make it to the BBQ park.
Spend a night or two camping at the park at one of their 117 camp sites for rent. And while you are enjoying the comfort of a tent and the beautiful sky, fire up the grill provided and barbeque your favorite cuts of meat and vegetables. If you try your hand at the rental fishing available on the park grounds, you could even grill your catch. With Japanese sea bass, mullet, sea bream, and anchovy in the waters, you will be amazed by the bounty of the sea.

©️Wakasu Park

Spend a Day in the Embrace of Nature

Become forest royalty at Okutama River Terrace’s glamping park. With a wooden deck beneath your feet and a canvas tent under the canopy of the trees surrounding the barbeque terrace, you might feel like you are on the set of a forest fantasy movie rather than on the bank of Tama River. From between the thin tree trunks, you will be able to spot the river peeking out at you. Enjoy the refreshing cool breezes in the leafy green paradise beside the river. Enjoy a barbeque dinner that comes fully equipped with a cooler box, tableware, and even a coffee press.
After you have finished your prepared meal of grilled deliciousness, take a relaxing walk along the Tama River to a secret waterfall surrounded by mossy rocks. Or, if hiking isn’t for you, why not just wile away the hours on a hammock under the shade of the trees while you listen to the wind and birds lull you to sleep. Reserve well in advance to make sure that you get to enjoy Okutama River Terrace’s pre-prepared wild game and steak lunch sets— all the courses of the meal will be ready for you to grill upon arrival. It’s truly an experience to be remembered.

©️Okutama River Terrace