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Updated: March 16, 2023

Stunning sunsets and sensational snorkelling

Over 1,000km south of central Tokyo, Hahajima Island is one of only two inhabited islands in the Ogasawara archipelago. With stunning coral reefs, Hahajima Island offers peerless snorkelling, diving and dolphin watching by the sea. The island makes an excellent day trip from the larger Chichijima Island, or a short-term stay.

The Ogasawara Islands can be visited all year round. With a subtropical climate, summers are as hot as the mainland, while winters are generally warmer. Check the Hahajima Tourist Association website for more information, including suitable clothing.
Dolphins can be spotted all year round in the seas of Ogasawara. Humpback whales migrate to the islands for breeding between December and May, and the calmer waters from February to April make it the best season for whale watching.


  • Scale Mt. Chibusayama—the highest point on the Ogasawara archipelago
  • Enjoy incredible views of the sunset from Samegasaki Observation Deck
  • Explore the coral reefs near Minamizaki Beach

How to Get There

The only way to access Hahajima Island is by the Hahajima-maru Ferry via Chichijima Island.

The one-way Hahajima-maru Ferry trip takes around two hours from Chichijima Island. Most days this ferry makes a round trip between the two islands, departing from Chichijima Island in the morning and returning in the afternoon. Tickets cannot be reserved and are sold about one hour before departure time on the day of departure.
There's no public transport on the island, but you can easily explore it by foot, taxi, or rent a motorbike, car or bicycle.

Marvel at the scenery from the top of the Ogasawara archipelago

Hahajima Island packs a lot into its 20 square kilometers. To take in the stunning natural scenery and meet some of the unique local wildlife, head to the top of Mt. Chibusayama, the highest point in the Ogasawara archipelago. After powering through the four-hour trek to the summit, you'll be rewarded with breathtaking views of the entire island and vast blue ocean.

A view from the ridge
A beach on the island
The coastline and a peninsula
Blue seas by the water


Breathtaking sunset views

A little closer to sea level you'll find the Samegasaki Observation Deck in the gardens of Hahajima's Oki Port. The deck offers panoramic views of the ocean and Oki Port. In winter, it's a whale watching hot spot, while year-round you will be treated to stunning ocean sunsets.

Samegasaki Observation Deck
Samegasaki Observation Deck



Mt. Kofuji towers over the southern end of Hahajima Island, and is located near some of the island's most stunning beaches, including the clear blue waters of Minamizaki Beach. The beach is an excellent site for snorkeling and exploring the beauty below the waves. Heading inland, Hahajima Island is home to several accommodation facilities and a handful of restaurants offering you fresh local seafood and warm hospitality.



Natural Heritage

The Ogasawara Islands are one of five World Natural Heritage sites in Japan, thanks to their “natural scenic beauty,” “topographical and geological features,” “ecosystem,” and “biological diversity.” A number of species of animals and plants are unique to the islands, including land snails, a number of birds and local tree ferns.
Sekimon forest is home to many of the animals and plants of Hahajima. Please note that visitors to Sekimon and Mt. Sakaigatake must be accompanied by a certified guide, but guided tours are only available in Japanese.





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