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Updated: October 11, 2019

Discover a different Tokyo on the water bus!

See Tokyo from the water. Feel the breeze and the spray as you travel around the Sumidagawa river and Tokyo Bay, a cheer rising from the passengers as you pass each famous spot. Watch as the city flows past your eyes on your journey between Asakusa and Odaiba. Traveling through the city on water gives you a chance to see Tokyo like never before: watch the city and the crowds going about their daily worries as you float by.


  • Enjoy the beautiful views of Odaiba and explore the area’s shops and gourmet restaurants.
  • See the magnificent azure expanse of Tokyo bay from the water.
  • Make stops at harbors in popular areas like Asakusa or the Hamarikyu Gardens.

Highlights between Odaiba and Asakusa

The waterways that connect the Sumidagawa to Tokyo Bay pass by numerous popular tourist sites and historic landmarks. Stopping at Odaiba, Asakusa, Hamarikyu Gardens, Kasai Rinkai Park and others, the waterbus is perfect for touring these areas. Spots like Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Gateway become even more breathtaking when seen from the sea.

The Rainbow Bridge from a boat

The Ferris wheel in Odaiba Palette Town

While cruising through the water, enjoy the special thrill of seeing Rainbow Bridge, a symbol of Tokyo Bay, from directly underneath. Rainbow Bridge provides access to Odaiba, with its shopping and gourmet dining at locations like Venus Fort and Palette Town. From Odaiba Marine Park watch the sun set, and then enjoy a sweeping view of the nighttime sky over Tokyo Bay.

Tall container cranes stand tall like giant giraffes waiting for ships to dock at the port.


Planes coming and going from Haneda Airport

Tokyo Gate Bridge, where the freighters and cruise liners enter and exit the bay.

Take in the massive scale of Rainbow Bridge, and watch the jumbo jets as they take off and land right overhead —relishing the many impressive sights around Tokyo Bay is one of the joys of riding a water bus. Enjoy the underside view of Tokyo Gate Bridge, which at 2,618 meters long is also called “Dinosaur Bridge” for the pair of metal "dinosaurs" converging at its center. Have fun with the whole family at Kasai Rinkai Park with its large Ferris Wheel and aquarium.

Hama-rikyu Gardens

Watch the ebb and flow of the tide change the scenery in Hamarikyu Park, a famous public park from the Edo period located on the Sumidagawa river. Asakusa is another of Tokyo’s most popular areas, and the water bus pier is a walkable distance from the Kaminari-mon at Sensoji. Discover in these neighborhoods how old Japan mixes with new, like the skyscrapers which line the historic streets and waterways of Tennozu Isle. This mixture of new and old is part of what makes the area so popular.
River Cruises



View a 360-degree panorama of Tokyo's waterscapes.

Imagine you are on a cruise ship and enjoy the panoramic view of Tokyo's waterscapes that can be seen on Google Street View.
Tokyo's waterscapes on Google Street View

Dinner and drinks on the water

As dusk falls, dinner cruises set sail along the Sumida River and out to Tokyo Bay for views of the glittering skyline. There are a variety of cruises and operators, but dinner cruises tend to be popular and need reserving in advance. During summer, traditional pleasure barges, or yakatabune, are very popular with locals.
Yakatabune Boat Cruises

Rainbow Bridge and the bay area at night


Historic waterways

Before Tokyo became the modern city it is today, it was Edo, a castle town with moats and channels for transporting people and goods. Today, these waterways weave through central Tokyo and pass close to the Imperial Palace. Tours generally leave from Nihonbashi Pier and run along the Nihonbashi and Kanda rivers.

The Kanda River—one of the historic waterways you can tour

Do some research before you visit to choose the right tour for you. Some operators offer slightly more exclusive champagne cruises, some allow you to charter a boat, and others offer more standard packages.


The Best Cherry Blossoms

Find some of the best cherry blossoms in the city along the Meguro and Sumida rivers and around the Chidorigafuchi boat area.
Seasons by the Water

Row boats on Chidorigafuchi Moat during cherry blossom season

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