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Updated: September 26, 2022

Tokyo's cherry blossom rivers

Springtime in Japan is flower viewing time. Flower viewing, or hanami, is a popular event all over Japan—but in Tokyo, you can see romantic cherry blossoms along the city's famous rivers, creating a different feeling than in other places. It's not uncommon to see people drinking and singing underneath the cherry trees. While you're in Tokyo, you should try an authentic Japanese hanami experience. Find the perfect spot for your Tokyo cherry blossom viewing.
* For more information on Hanami events, please check the official website for the latest information.


  • Arrive at your destination early
  • Plan an alternate route if you know it will be crowded
  • Bring a blanket, towel, or tarp to sit on
  • Be considerate of others with your noise and drinking
  • Don't leave trash behind

Somei Yoshino cherry trees on the Meguro River

Catch the cherry blossoms at Meguro River’s most famous viewing spot from the end of March to the first week of April. More than 800 Somei Yoshino cherry trees line Meguro River Promenade for about four kilometers. During the cherry blossom viewing season, take a stroll from Daikan-yama or Nakameguro Stations to appreciate the beauty of spring and the rebirth of nature. It’s sure to be crowded but filled with positive energy.

©Meguro City

Cherry trees and TOKYO SKYTREE on the Sumida River

Relax by the Sumida River while being wrapped in the beauty of spring. Sumida Park—between Azumabashi and Sakurabashi bridges—is a gorgeous place to enjoy the cherry blossoms. From the riverside, you can gaze at around 1,000 cherry blossom trees lining both sides of the river and even get a great view of TOKYO SKYTREE. Why not enjoy a springtime walk under the trees or a fantastic river cruise to take in the blossoms? The cherry blossom illuminations from early evening are especially lovely and not to be missed.

©Taito City

A slow stroll through cherry blossoms—Kanda River

Enjoy the cherry blossoms along the Kanda River at Edogawa Park. These dainty, white flowers veil the cityscape and Edogawa Park is sure to be a top contender for your favorite cherry blossom viewing spot. You'll love this 500-meter stretch with over 200 cherry trees. It's a great place to take things slow and appreciate the views by day or by night.

©Bunkyo City

Suburban Tokyo and its cherry blossoms—Shakujii River

The Shakujii River empties into the Sumida River, but before it does, it's a great cherry-blossom river in its own right. Located in Nerima in northwest Tokyo, Shakujii River can be accessed from Ikebukuro. This beautiful stretch of river offers an almost secretive world painted with the colors of spring. While you marvel at the flowers, you can fill your stomach. During the festival season, there are plenty of covered food stalls serving Japanese festival foods like yakitori and okonomiyaki—and even some cold drinks.

©Itabashi City

Quaint riverside cherry blossoms—Zenpukujigawa Park

You will love the otherworldly cherry blossoms of Zenpukujigawa Park. The cobblestone and concrete-lined park provides a beautiful contrast to the green banks of the river and the dark bark of the cherry trees. Take a walk around Zenpukujigawa Park, breathe in the fresh spring air, and relax among more than 400 cherry blossom trees. There's no better way to welcome spring.

©Tokyo Metropolitan Park Association

Mysterious night cherry blossoms—Tama River

Hamura Intake Weir in Hamura, Tokyo, becomes a nighttime wonderland during the festival period, with cherry blossoms illuminated by red lanterns after dark. You can enjoy food stalls and the blue sky peeking through the branches of the cherry trees along the Tama River. At night, when the lanterns light up, experience a completely different side of the cherry blossoms. The daytime charm of the cherry blossoms becomes something magical at night. The illuminations last the duration of the cherry blossoms season.


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