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Updated: November 29, 2023

Great Views and Facilities for the Runner

Tokyo’s picturesque Odaiba waterfront is a popular shopping and dining site, boasting spectacular views of the cityscape and Tokyo Bay. It is also ideal for runners, with flat courses passing through gardens and along the sea. This man-made island has several running routes, but the Odaiba Running Course is recommended for access, scenery, and facilities.

General Tips

  • Pay attention to those around you. The courses pass through family-friendly parks.
  • Summer weekends and holidays are crowded, so getting here early (or later in the afternoon) is best.
  • Stay hydrated: there are many water fountains; bottled water is available from vending machines.
  • Be aware of changes in the surface. All are easy on the knees, but some less even than others.

Map Legend

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Gateway to running courses

Odaiba Kaihinkoen Station

This itinerary begins at Odaiba Kaihinkoen Station on the Yurikamome Line—the elevated, unmanned train line that is a tourist attraction for its views along the route. It runs every five minutes from Shimbashi Station to Toyosu Station.

Walking5 mins


Convenient facilities for runners

Odaiba Marine Park and Odaiba Marine House

Northwest of the station is Odaiba Marine Park. The first stop for runners should be Odaiba Marine House, which has lockers (¥300) and hot showers (5 min. ¥200). It also has cafes for light, pre-run snacks.

WalkingStart your run on the course to the right facing the water.


Beaches, pines, and skyline views

Odaiba Running Course

The running course’s first section passes just in front of Odaiba Marine House and follows the white sand beach of Odaiba Marine Park to No. 3 Battery Daiba Park, with stunning views of Rainbow Bridge. Those wanting to add a few hundred meters more to the route can follow the trail around Battery Park, built on a gun emplacement constructed by the Shogun in 1854 to protect the city from Commodore Perry’s Black Ships. The course returns along the same route through Odaiba Marine Park.
The running course is almost completely flat. The surface varies from boardwalk to sandy pavement, an earthen path, asphalt and brick tiles. (Those wanting a more demanding workout can run on the beach.) There are restrooms along the route. Vending machines offer bottled water and other liquid refreshments, but runners can also quench their thirst at water fountains.

WalkingContinue running on the course.


Sea breezes and shade on the seaside route

Odaiba Running Course (continued)

After passing Odaiba Marine House, the route continues southwest along the shore, past Odaiba Marine Park Pier, where boats from other Tokyo waterfront sites pick up and drop off passengers. It passes Rainbow Bridge Observation Deck, with its one-seventh-sized Statue of Liberty replica, made to commemorate ties between France and Japan. The turning point is just beyond the Hilton Tokyo Odaiba Hotel, after which the route returns through Odaiba Marine Park to Odaiba Marine House.
What makes this route so runner friendly is the location and layout. Sea breezes cool off runners, and nearby pine trees offer shade. Park benches are dotted along the course for those needing a breather.

A route map (and alternate routes) can be downloaded here:

Walking5 mins


A wide variety of dining options

Dining at the Sea-side Malls

Eating soon after a run is recommended to minimize muscle soreness. After showering and changing at Odaiba Marine House, head to one of the malls just next to the Odaiba Marine Park – Aqua City Odaiba or Decks Tokyo Beach Seaside Mall. Both have a number of restaurants that feature views of the bay, Rainbow Bridge and the Tokyo skyline. Decks has a branch of Bills, an all-day dining spot from Sydney, especially known for its casual but chic Aussie-style brunch.

WalkingandBike17 mins


Relax a short train ride away

Ariake Station

After a restorative meal, runners interested in relaxing baths or spa treatments should head to Ariake Station. Make the short walk to Odaiba Kaihinkoen Station and take the Yurikamome Line to Ariake Station six stops away.

Walking8 mins


Healing waters and hot stone “bathing”

Ariake Garden: Izumi Tenku no Yu

Near Ariake Station, Izumi Tenku no Yu in Ariake Garden complex features large communal baths, saunas, and hot stone bathing where “bathers” lie on slabs of rock to detox. Spa treatments are available as are relaxation areas and Ariake Kitchen, which serves drinks, snacks, and meals.

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