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Updated: August 30, 2023

Cool breezes along a cooler riverside area

Tokyo is home to a network of riverways that flow through the city like veins through a body. In the past, these rivers were used to move people and goods from one location to another in old Edo. Today, these rivers provide a much-needed respite from the hustle and bustle of an ever-moving and ever-changing cityscape.

Take a day to escape Tokyo’s need-for-speed and instead stroll along the Sumida River, near one of the oldest stations in the heart of the city. Revel in the cool air coming off of the riverfront, take in the many vistas that you can only see from the side of the river, and then enjoy the rest of your day at TOKYO mizumachi a shopping and dining complex located in a modern, green park. This popular shopping spot in Tokyo is also close to TOKYO SKYTREE, the largest man-made structure in Japan.


  • Arrive early to enjoy an alfresco breakfast and beat the crowds
  • Watch out for cyclists and other pedestrians as you cross the river via the under-bridge pass.
  • Wear comfortable shoes if you plan on walking from Asakusa Station along the Sumida River to TOKYO SKYTREE
  • Don’t lean over the sides of the foot bridge or hold your electronics over the edge

A waterfront shopping paradise

Just a short walk from TOKYO SKYTREE, you will find TOKYO mizumachi. This spacious facility offers a sampling of the local area while giving you a chance to fully enjoy a park and river environment at the same time. Go café hopping and dine alfresco on the grassy lawn to enjoy the beautiful weather to the fullest. There are parking spots for bicycles for TOKYO mizumachi visitors. Traveling around Tokyo by bicycle is a great way to see the city and enjoy everything that it has to offer.
This waterfront destination lets visitors explore the magic of this Tokyo community with easy access to famously popular downtown areas. Sprawl out in the park to watch the clouds float by, or take a walk around the grounds, or perhaps use TOKYO mizumachi as a starting point for any wonderful Tokyo daytrip adventure. Be sure to visit in springtime when the sakura cherry trees are blooming in the park and create a landscape of fluffy pink snowflake-like petals. Dogs are even allowed in some stores. The possibilities are endless when you visit this waterside district that connects the places that you want to see the most.
From TOKYO mizumachi you can easily visit any of the nearby areas. The Asakusa area is only 5 minutes’ walk. Leading up to Senso-ji Temple you will find Nakamise Street, where you can peruse a large variety of goods and souvenirs. Then appreciate the beauty and tranquility of the grounds, and nearby pagoda. Head in the other direction from TOKYO mizumachi and find yourself at TOKYO Solamachi shopping and aquarium complex—and perhaps even go up to the top of TOKYO SKYTREE. Whatever you decide to do, TOKYO mizumachi is the perfect starting point.

Cross this footbridge to find a new part of Tokyo

If you find yourself wanting to explore the city on foot instead of looking out of a train window as the city zips by, then perhaps the SUMIDA RIVER WALK is the perfect way for you to get across the Sumida River. Cross the 160-meter wide river on this steel and reinforced-concrete bridge. The SUMIDA RIVER WALK opens to pedestrians at seven in the morning and remains open until ten at night.
This new footbridge spans the Sumida River and offers visitors a stunning view of the river as they cross it. The Tobu Railway trains rumble overhead, but from the bridge you see so much more of the surrounding cityscape. Cross the bridge to get from the Asakusa area to reach TOKYO mizumachi and TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN.
The cool riverside breeze will refresh your senses and offer you a new perspective of Tokyo life. As you make your way over the bridge, keep your eyes open for the small glass-covered areas where you can watch the river flowing beneath your feet. You will also be able to enjoy various riverside views of Tokyo that you won’t be able to experience any other way. See locals cycling by the Sumida River and take some splendid photographs of TOKYO SKYTREE looming over the river and the nearby TOKYO mizumachi shopping and park area.