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Tokyo Tourism Representatives

Tokyo has more than 400 years of history as the capital of Japan with much of its tradition and cultures stemming from the Edo period. More recently, remarkable economic and cultural growth over past half a century has made Tokyo one of the most exciting modern cities in the world. You may have the impression that Tokyo is a concrete jungle full of office buildings and skyscrapers, but it also embraces nature with 277 beautiful parks and gardens to explore. Once you visit, there's no doubt that you will appreciate the fusion of traditional, modern and natural elements.

Tokyo's outstanding transportation system allows you to travel throughout the city with ease. There are numerous choices for food, shopping, entertainment and accommodations with over 3,600 hotels providing more than 84,000 rooms.

With 240 museums to choose from, there is no limit to the amount and diversity of art and culture you can enjoy. Also, if you are interested in Japanese performance arts, such as live Kabuki and Sumo, or popular culture such as animation, Tokyo has an
abundance of both.

If you would like to know the best season to visit Tokyo, the answer is "anytime!" In the spring you can admire the "sakura" cherry blossoms, in summer you can join in the celebration at the many fireworks displays and festivals, in autumn you can enjoy the
beautiful colored leaves and in winter you can enjoy the brilliant illumination and the end of the year markets.

Just visit Tokyo and you will be fascinated with this treasure of a city!

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has appointed Tokyo Tourism Representatives in several major cities worldwide, who serve local interests in Tokyo's tourism by distributing the latest travel news and promotional information in a newsletter as well as directly answering their inquiries. We have also established a support program for overseas media to help their activities in Tokyo run more smoothly and efficiently. For details, please follow the links below.


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