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Updated: March 16, 2023

Head out to western Tokyo for culture, greenery, and shopping

Get out of the cramped spaces in central Tokyo and take a breather in Machida, home to both the classic and the modern. Take a stroll through numerous parks and gardens. Eat and shop your way through a retro shopping area. And peek into the history of Japan through museums and historical buildings.


  • Feed the squirrels at the Squirrel Garden
  • Visit the Snoopy Museum at Minami Machida Granberry Park
  • Heading through Serigaya Park en route to the Museum of Graphic Arts
  • Stroll around Machida Yakushiike Park and other parks and gardens

How to Get there

Your access point to Machida and the surrounding parks, gardens, and shops is Machida Station, either on the JR Yokohama Line or the Odakyu Odawara Line.

From Haneda Airport: Around one hour 20 minutes by train.
From Narita Airport: Around two hours 35 minutes by train.
From Shinjuku Station: Around 40 minutes by the Odakyu Line Express or Rapid Express.
From Tokyo Station: Take the JR Chuo Rapid or Special Rapid to Shinjuku Station. From there transfer to the Odakyu Line Express or Rapid Express. Travel time: around one hour.

Gardens and Parks and Squirrels

Fans of cute, fuzzy creatures should check out the Squirrel Garden, open daily except for Tuesdays, and an excellent stop for families with younger kids. Grab a bag of feed for just a hundred yen and feed the squirrels, pet rabbits and guinea pigs, and see the resident turtles.

Machida Squirrel Garden
Machida Squirrel Garden Square

Next door you will find the Machida Yakushiike Park. This park is a great place to relax and have a picnic, and it offers a variety of different flowers throughout the seasons. The many old cherry blossom trees make it an excellent spot in the spring. From mid-April to May visit the peony garden. From May to June view the irises in bloom, and enjoy the lotuses during July and August. And from July to November you can check out the dahlias in bloom.

Yakushiike Park

If you're looking for another chance to relax, you can head to Machida Onsen Roten Garden. Take a dip in a natural hot spring not far from the city center. Enjoy the variety of baths, salt sauna, stone sauna, massages, and other relaxation facilities

Roten Garden


Minami Machida Granberry Park

Minami Machida Granberry Park is one of the biggest outlet malls in Tokyo, full of shops and restaurants. The Grandberry Park site contains the “Gathering Market,” and is arranged around three plazas—the Park Plaza, Oasis Plaza and Theater Plaza. The Park-life site is home to the Snoopy Museum, Children’s Hall and Machi Library. The Tsuruma Park site is made up of Tsuruma Forest, play areas and sports grounds. The area is served by its own station, Minami-machida Grandberry Park Station.
Fans of Peanuts will love the Snoopy Museum Tokyo, which introduces the world famous beagle, his friends, and creator Charles M. Schulz. There’s also a store with original merchandise, and a cafe.

Minamimachida Grandberry Park
Snoopy Museum Tokyo


Museums and Galleries

Located next to Serigaya Park, the Museum of Graphic Arts offers a look at the history of printmaking. Their collection stretches back to the 8th century, showing how the art has evolved and adapted. Stop by the cafe and enjoy some panoramic views of the park while enjoying a drink or meal.

Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts

Hidden away in a residential district, Buaiso is a house that was owned by Jiro Shirasu, a close aide to former Prime Minister Shigeru Yoshida, and his wife Masako, a well-known writer. Now the house is a museum, preserving items that will give you a glimpse into their lives and that of old Tokyo. At the adjoining restaurant and cafe, you can enjoy curry and other dishes made from Masako's original recipes.




Machida has larger shopping establishments like Hands but if you're looking for a glimpse into the past, head to Machida Nakamise Shopping Street, a classic Japanese shopping arcade area. You’ll find a range of small shops, selling all kinds of foods and goods. Check out some unique offerings like the fried soup dumplings, or stick to sushi, hamburgers, crepes and more.

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