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Updated: December 27, 2023

Tokyo offers a diversity of cruise types, from regular services convenient for sightseeing and traveling, to one-off services paired with seasonal events, to yakatabune services featuring meals and shows. Select a fun plan by purpose or situation, and enjoy an elegant cruise.

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Regular services

Regular services follow a fixed route between major tourist areas like Asakusa, Nihonbashi, Shinagawa, and Odaiba. Fun and versatile, they range from boats that are easy to board and offer a quick tour of sightseeing destinations, to cruisers that serve lunch or dinner.

Regular Water Bus Routes

Irregular services

Irregular services combine cruising with a variety of events. Cherry blossom viewing, fireworks, and a beer garden—apart from seasonal services like these, examples of plans include factory tours, all-you-can-eat monjayaki pancakes, chartered cruises, and boat parties.

Non-regular Routes

Yakatabune services

Yakatabune houseboats either run between tourist spots or highlight events like cherry blossom viewing, the cool of the summer evening, and fireworks displays. These seasonal sights look extra special from a low table lined with houseboat cuisine. Get a taste of stylish hospitality along with boat entertainment that boomed in the premodern Edo period.

Yakatabune Routes

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