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Unique perspectives on Tokyo, from above and below

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Updated: April 2, 2018

Yu Mihashi

Tokyo Skytree staff

Drawn by the allure of tall buildings and sparkling skylines, Yu Mihashi came to Tokyo from her native Kanagawa. During her time working at Tokyo Skytree, she found a different side of the city in the old neighborhoods and learned to appreciate the area’s retro appeal.

The Tokyo Skytree gives you fantastic views of the urban landscape, Pacific Ocean, and even Mt. Fuji. The whole city is bathed in an orange glow at dusk—definitely my favorite time to take in the view from the observation deck.

  1. Head to the Skytree Cafe for breakfast
  2. Tokyo Solamachi Dome Garden mixes great food with views of the Tokyo Skytree
  3. In springtime, catch a glimpse of Tokyo Skytree framed by blooming cherry trees from Tobu Bridge
  4. More than a thousand goldfish of various shapes and colors are brought together from mid-July to the end of August at Sumida Aquarium

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