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Get Your Geek on in Tokyo

Japan is known not only for its rich, distinctive cultural heritage—kimonos, kabuki plays, and more—but also its vibrant pop culture, including anime, manga, and comics. A vast number of titles are well-loved across the world by people of all ages. These days, more anime and manga enthusiasts have embraced the term "otaku" (geek), once considered an unflattering term.

It's not unheard of to visit Japan for otaku culture. In Tokyo alone, there's no shortage of attractions, activities, and experiences for fans to check out. You can shop for merchandise, meet fellow fans at an event, or even visit spots related to your favorite series. If you're not sure what to do first, we've got you covered.

Otaku Tourism: Attractions and Geeky Neighborhoods


*Please refer to the corresponding article for the exact location, as some markers on the map may not be completely accurate.

Events: Celebrating Fandom and Pop Culture

Features: Anime and Manga Culture in the Spotlight