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Updated: February 4, 2021

Lim Boon Hau

Sketch Artist

Lim Boon Hau, from Malaysia, has been living in Japan since 2018. One of his favorite hobbies is searching for locations in Tokyo where he can spend time sketching scenes that unfold before him. He is also a member of Urban Sketchers Japan. This community provides a space for urban sketchers to connect. They can organize meetups and trips to exciting spots for on-location drawing.

Tokyo is a fantastic place for urban sketchers. Some may seek out a spot to enjoy the tranquility of a residential neighborhood, or the bustle of a traditional shopping district that offers a glimpse of everyday life. Others may seek inspiration in the rush of trains piercing through the city or the glow of districts filled with neon lights. And the city offers an amazing diversity of urban skylines. For the artist, Tokyo is such a fun place to explore!

  1. Fumihiko Maki, a famous Japanese architect, describes the streetscape of Kagurazaka as unique to Tokyo, using the word "oku." As the word implies, the numerous narrow alleys make for wonderful compositions with lots of depth.
  2. Shibamata Shopping District (Taishakuten-Sando) features a number of distinctive Japanese storefronts. It's the perfect place to sketch several Japanese elements, all from one location.
  3. Shinjuku-sanchome has a pedestrian-only area on Sundays, when artists can capture scenes from various angles.
  4. Day or night, Odaiba Marine Park is a great place to sketch the Tokyo skyline, complete with Rainbow Bridge.
  5. At Ochanomizu Bridge, multiple railway lines pass over the Kandagawa River against a backdrop of Akihabara's bustling streets.