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Resident Japanese ink brush artist paints a picture of trending 

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Updated: May 17, 2019

Naoki Kasahara

Sumi-e ink artist

Sumi-e Japanese ink brush painter Naoki Kasahara’s work explores the concepts of beauty and delves into “what lies beneath the surface.” Resident in Kuramae for about five years, he draws inspiration from walks along the banks of the Sumidagawa River. Catch his work in one of his solo exhibitions or on Instagram.

Kuramae used to be a traditional wholesale district for toys and stationery, but it is now attracting creators and craftsmen of a different kind. I’d describe the general atmosphere as understated and accessible—here are a few places where you can feel the real Kuramae:

  1. The once-monthly “Monozukuri Yokocho,” an event and market space for both kids and adults
  2. I love visiting the artist—run Tsubamekobo, the loom itself is a work of art
  3. The stationery suppliers Kakimoto—they take customization to entirely new levels
  4. The 1st,floor café space at Nui called HOSTEL & BAR LOUNGE—a great place to hang out and to pick up a few travel tips
  5. Gallery Kissa, great for getting your coffee and art on, all at the same time

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