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Updated: April 2, 2018


Promoter of Strawberries in Japan

A 21st century girl with a taste for old-world charm, Serina rose to fame after standing out at an audition in 2016. She has since promoted strawberries across Japan as part of the Miss Ichigo project and found time to fall in love with Koenji—an area of hip cafes and deliciously retro thrift shops.

What I love about Koenji is the wealth of second hand shops. The stores of the famous Look Shopping Street display a dazzling array of colorful items that are fun just to look at. You shouldn't just limit yourself to second hand goods and antiques though—make sure you explore the cafes and restaurants as well. One thing I highly recommend is renting a kimono for a stroll through the town.

  1. I enjoy searching the racks of Hirari with all its antique clothing, including retro-chic kimono and yukata—the place does rentals too
  2. When I'm in the mood for some peace and quiet, I go to Shukuhozan Koenji Temple. It's the perfect place to visit in your rented kimono
  3. ALL C's CAFE serves coffee and sweets and also offers you the chance to make your own cookies
  4. I like the playful hattifnatt with its storybook murals and beautifully detailed cakes
  5. I like flicking through the eclectic selction of books at Ehonya Rusubanbansurukaisha.