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Updated: April 2, 2018

Kanako Aoki

Buyer and director at Hoyajuku

After completing studies in fashion design, Kanako sought a career in the clothing retail business, dealing in both new and established brands at the hip Hoyajuku boutique. Now, she’s busy doing what she loves—guiding eager shoppers through the maze of Harajuku fashion.

I work at Hoyajuku in the popular Laforet department store, where we strive to maintain Harajuku’s status as the home of cutting edge fashion. Check us out for up and coming brands as well as unique fashions you can only find in Harajuku's stores.

  1. Nincompoop Capacity and 6% Dokidoki are two spots offering unique takes on Harajuku’s bold and visually spectacular fashions
  2. Harajuku is also the origin of many food trends. Places like Chao Chao Bamboo, Akasha, and Taishu Shokudo serve superb lunches to Harajuku’s hungry hordes
  3. Part of Harajuku’s charm comes from random pieces of urban art you encounter while walking around the area—the “Now is Forever” graffiti mural always makes me smile