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From classic Edo delicacies to cutting edge Tokyo cuisine

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Updated: December 7, 2023

Taeko Terao

Food Writer

Through hard work and a serious passion for food, Taeko Terao managed to turn her one time hobby of exploring Tokyo's ample food options into a fully-fledged career. She currently writes about restaurants and department store food markets for publications like Casa Brutus, while also producing online content on the topic of Tokyo cuisine.

As a food writer, I cover all sorts of cooking from traditional Edo fare to top foreign restaurants. I find that Tokyo has much more to offer than just old favorites like sushi and tempura—it's actually a great place to find high quality and authentic French, Italian, and northern European cuisine.

  1. Negima offers a taste of what the common folk of Edo (old Tokyo) used to eat—order the hearty nabe (hot pot) with high quality tuna and onions
  2. Shabu shabu Kintan serves up some of the very best beef tongue shabu shabu. Go for the rare truffle nabe when it's on the menu
  3. I enjoy the mix of French cuisine made with Japanese precision at Simplicite

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