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Updated: December 7, 2023

Ken Sawada

Tokyo Tower Staff

When not busy with his work duties promoting Tokyo Tower, Ken Sawada likes to admire the Tokyo Skyline from the tower’s 250m high observation deck with a drink in hand. He took a break from his hectic schedule to fill us in on the best options for food and drink in the area.

For 60 years, Tokyo Tower has been viewed from all angles by both locals and visitors alike. It remains an enduring symbol of the city and inspires a fresh sense of wonder when seen from different perspectives.

  1. View the tower from below at Terrace Dining Tango
  2. The Wakanui restaurant gives you a close up of the tower’s exquisite contours and has a terrace where you can dine in the glow of the nighttime illumination
  3. For a slightly different perspective, reserve a table at the Sky Lounge Stellar Garden atop the Prince Park Tower and peer down at the tower
  4. For a great overall view of the tower, head to Xex Atago Green Hills

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