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Updated: May 13, 2019

Kosuke Kajiwara

Rickshaw Driver

Born and raised in Hokkaido, Kosuke Kajiwara spent years building his knowledge of popular travel destinations as a rickshaw puller. From Otaru to Kyoto, to Kamakura, he’s carried travelers to scenic spots all by the power of his own two feet. Kosuke came to Asakusa five years ago, after a brief stint as a shop owner in Yufuin. Now he works as the head of rickshaw company Ebisuya’s Asakusa branch, and spends his days guiding customers to lesser known locations.

Asakusa's real charm lies in the long history of the area and the friendliness of its residents. The only way to experience authentic Asakusa is to visit the many hole-in-the-wall shops dotting the area behind Sensoji Temple, which the locals affectionately call "Kannonura".

  1. A place so good I'd honestly like to keep it a secret—French bistro Saba, with retro Japanese interior styling, delicious wine and French cuisine
  2. After work, I often drop into soba restaurant Tansoan Kenjiro to unwind with a cold drink and hot bowl of soba noodles
  3. For special occasions I go to Sushi Hisaichi where they serve up scrumptious sushi specially prepared
  4. My favorite Asakusa gifts are from Kozakura, whose freshly made Karinto (a traditional Japanese deep-fried snack) are crispy and delicious
  5. When I'm really hungry, I head to  the  yakiniku shop, Niku no Suzuki—their Japanese-style grilled meat is to die for, and the shop's exterior has its own retro charm