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A hip fashion PR agent gives us his recommendations for Shibuya

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Updated: May 17, 2019

Akihiro Oomomo


Akihiro Oomomo has been working as a PR agent for one of Shibuya's ultra-hip fashion agencies for around five years. His current agency deals in wholesale clothing and accessories, as well as foreign and domestic brands. Akihiro—whose previous job was also in Shibuya—is well versed in the local fashion scene thanks to his many insider contacts, and years of experience.

The best thing about Shibuya is how many different cultures and vibes intersect, even within a small area. One of my favorite areas is around Aoyama, where the hustle and bustle of central Shibuya gives way to a quiet and sophisticated atmosphere. Of course, getting a drink in downtown Shibuya is also a great way to unwind, meet new people, and enjoy the energetic, youthful vibes of the city.

  1. Drop by the matcha (Japanese green tea flavor) gelato shop Nanaya, a perfect place for a fix of premium matcha in dessert form
  2. I make a habit of checking out the latest fashion trends from outdoor clothing brand Snow Peak, and the surrounding shops and boutiques
  3. I like to unwind by getting a drink at Nonbei, where close seating and a friendly atmosphere makes it easy to talk to people from all walks of life
  4. If I need to wine and dine with clients, I head to Yoshinari, a fresh seafood restaurant with delicious fish and strong drinks
  5. My favorite glasses come from Hakusan Megane—hand-crafted in Japan with superb craftsmanship