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A Buddhist priest shows us another side of Hamamatsucho

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Updated: December 7, 2023

Takamichi Motohara

Buddhist priest

Having become a priest while still in university, Takamichi Motohara began working in Hamamatsucho after graduation. Following five years in the area, he assumed formal duties at his family's temple.

Hamamatsucho isn't just the tourist-friendly attractions like Tokyo Tower and Zojoji Temple. It is a place where Tokyo's workers go to blow off some steam

  1. Head to Akitaya for a taste of a traditional Tokyo izakaya. For somewhere quieter, Takanashi has a huge selection of sake to choose from and lunch sets for a modest 1,000 yen
  2. I recommend the Chinese restaurant Mihosai for lunch—order the spicy beef on rice. Alternatively, Samurai offers a taste of Kyushu cuisine in the heart of Tokyo