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Updated: May 13, 2019

Beautiful ! A Powder Room Like A Cage

This visionary birdcage is actually a powder room. That's right. This is inside the women's bathroom. There are also fitting rooms that you can use with your friends. Of course this is open to the public and anyone can use it. Tokyo has plenty of amazing places like this.


These powder rooms are not only about the beautiful interior design. You can also enjoy the scent of "Ginger Lily" which is a blend of freesia and musk, and the original background music made just for this bathroom. You'll use all of your senses when you are in this room.


This powder room is so conceptual and clean. They say the concept is to be an "actress".


You can re-do your make-up or change your clothes here. Where will you go next?


Detailed Information

  • PLACE: Keio kichijyoji KIRARINA 5th Floor 2-1-25 Minami-cho Kichijyoji Musashino-shi Tokyo-to
  • MODEL: Sharar Lazima
  • PHOTOGRAPHER: Mitsuaki Koshizuka
  • CLOTHING: Kapuki