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Updated: January 24, 2019

Countryside of Tokyo

Wait, is this Tokyo? Yes it is. It feels like being inside the fairytale surrounded by mountain stream and the nature. Anyone can participate in rice planting and harvesting.


In spring, you can see rice field just after the rice planting. In summer, you can see beautiful vivid greens and tiny creatures living in there. In autumn, you can see all the sun-dried rice. It is a great place to see the different scenery for each season in Japan.


Here we see all the freshly harvested rice. It’s amazing to see how they are made.


So many different kinds of animals are living freely here. My impression of Tokyo has changed completely.


Detail Infomation

  • PLACE: Yokozawairi Satoyama Hozen Chiiki 
    151 Yokozawa Akiruno-Shi Tokyo
  • MODEL: Janni Olsson
  • PHOTOGRAPHER: Mitsuaki Koshizuka
  • CLOTHING: Edoichibantai