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Updated: February 4, 2021

Marei Mentlein

Interpreter and TV Commentator

Marei Mentlein is a talented multi-hyphenate, born in the German port city of Kiel. After moving to Japan in 2008, she started working toward her current career as a "Professional German." In addition to translating and writing, she works as a TV commentator and as a producer and for a German TV station. She is also a tourism ambassador for Chiyoda City, promoting the city's attractions to the world. She makes appearances on a nationally broadcast television program for German language learners in Japan.

While Tokyo is overflowing with world-renowned tourist attractions, hidden among the more famous locales are some lesser-known historic power spots—spiritually significant locations—like Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples. These power spots are believed to enrich the spirit of the people who visit them. I'll also cover various other places to enjoy during your travels, including a beautifully manicured museum garden, a hidden gem of a park with a perfect view of the ocean, and a planetarium that offers a breathtaking view of the starry night sky.

  1. A trip up Atago Shrine's "stone steps to success" makes for an enjoyable mini mountain climbing experience.
  2. Nezu Museum Garden, which brings to mind hiking in a ravine, is a perfect place for forest bathing—and it's right in the heart of Tokyo! It also has a beautiful tea ceremony room.
  3. Shibaura-Minami Futo Park offers a great view of Tokyo Bay. Check out Odaiba's iconic Rainbow Bridge!
  4. Minato Science Museum gives visitors a rare opportunity to enjoy stargazing in Tokyo. It also provides detailed information about the positions of the stars on the day of your visit, followed by a video.