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A local's guide to Tokyo

A great way to enjoy Tokyo is to go where the locals go and experience it like one of them. Here you can find recommendations for local food, shopping districts and hidden places in Tokyo. Are you looking for places to go for anime fans? Locals know which stores to visit for rare finds and exclusive merchandise. You can also get itineraries here for three- or four-day visits that include the top places to go in Tokyo.


Drinking and dining in Tokyo

Here you'll find recommendations for local food in Tokyo. Do you want to experience authentic sushi, soba, tempura and other Tokyo cuisine? If so, head to traditional old town areas such as Asakusa and Nihonbashi for long-established restaurants.
Each Tokyo neighborhood has its own food culture. Visit the retro Kagurazaka area for izakaya (Japanese pubs). Stop by Shimokitazawa's chic coffee shops, which are popular among young people. Or dine in Omotesando's trendy restaurants that combine Japanese and Western cuisine.


Shopping in Tokyo

Are you looking for unique places in Tokyo to shop? Here you can find recommendations for the best shopping places from Tokyo fashion journalists, shopkeepers and architects. Tokyo's shopping scene extends further than the luxury brands that fill Ginza and Omotesando. Shibuya's alleyways are full of treasures, Nakameguro's stylish boutiques have a lot of personality and Asakusabashi's shops are famous for their artisans' quality crafts. You're sure to bring home a meaningful souvenir of your time in the city.


Culture in Tokyo

Local architects, artists and others introduce cultural spots that aren't in the guidebooks. Search Tokyo's back alleys for art supplies or secondhand books. Find quiet shrines, Japanese gardens and art museums hidden within the city center. Visit the Tokiwaso Manga Museum and explore the roots of some of the most famous anime and manga out there. Venture beyond the tourist attractions to experience the culture and scenery of Japan's capital. These suggestions for unique places in Tokyo range from famous to little-known.


Parks in Tokyo

Discover the parks and quiet places in Tokyo that are close to locals' hearts. Although Tokyo is known for its skyscrapers, the city is also home to many green spaces such as the Imperial Palace, Meiji Jingu Gaien and Yoyogi Park. You can find parks near major stations like Ikebukuro which are frequented by locals, students, workers and visitors alike. Find your own favorite park and take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.


Find out more

Do you want to see Tokyo's most iconic places as efficiently as possible? These itineraries can help you plan your visit. The guide for three days in Tokyo takes you through the most popular areas in the city center. The guide for seeing Tokyo in four days also shows you the bay area and the Tama area's beautiful natural spaces.

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