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added on : January 27, 2020

Bonsai is a traditional art form, but it too can grow into something new. Bonsai artist Shigeo Fujita has developed an original work of art that requires no maintenance at all—dry bonsai! Teaming up with Akari Sato, a young entrepreneur, the two have launched Dry Bonsai Tokyo Ginza Salon to offer a unique experience in which you can try your hand at making your own bonsai, and even take it home!

An innovative form of recycling

Shigeo Fujita, who has been working as a bonsai artist since 1992, began developing the concept of dry bonsai five years ago. Originally, he saw a dried, dead bonsai tree as a symbol of failure. But gradually, he noticed that its form was still visually striking. For him, it reflected the Japanese notion of wabi-sabi: a recognition of beauty in transient or imperfect things. Moreover, using old bonsai is essentially recycling something that would be thrown away, channeling the concept of mottainai, or "waste not, want not." Fujita keeps some dry bonsai in their pure form to be admired simply for their elegant shape, while decorating others with preserved leaves or flowers. With no regular watering or pruning needed, his method has transformed traditional bonsai into contemporary art.

Make your own – a unique experience

Now you can try this innovative art form yourself. Located in the vibrant shopping district of Ginza, Dry Bonsai Tokyo Ginza Salon offers a hands-on dry bonsai experience (online reservations required). Choose from three levels: beginner (10,000 yen), intermediate (15,000 yen), and advanced (30,000 yen). Working with Fujita, you can make your very own dry bonsai and take it home!
Those who prefer to just browse can schedule a time to stop by and see the pieces on display. Designs are available for purchase, with most priced at 10,000 yen and up. For visitors on a budget, don’t miss out on an extra-cute and very Japanese souvenir. For just 400 yen, you can pick up a dry bonsai gachapon: a miniature, self-assembly model in a plastic capsule, from a vending machine.
Much more than a bonsai shop, Dry Bonsai Tokyo Ginza Salon offers the opportunity to create and appreciate contemporary art, while taking away a unique souvenir or two.

Dry Bonsai Tokyo Ginza Salon

Address 6F Okazaki Building, 1-20-9 Ginza, Chuo City, Tokyo
Hours 11:00-18:00
Closing days Weekends and holidays
Access Higashi-ginza Station | Exit A7 | 3 min on foot
Asakusa Line | Hibiya Line
Ginza Station | Exit A12 | 7 min on foot
Ginza Line | Hibiya Line | Marunouchi Line
Other For updated information on opening hours, days closed, prices, and more, please check the official website.
URL Dry Bonsai Tokyo Ginza Salon (JPN)

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