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added on : July 10, 2023

If you’re visiting Tokyo with children then you’ll be pleased to know that there are a number of innovative playground facilities which provide a range of exciting opportunities for children to learn through play. Children can learn about the importance of the environment and sustainability, while having fun in a safe and secure environment. Combine physical activity with mental stimulation, and spark their interest in a sustainable future.

Chikyu no Niwa

Located on the 5th floor of the Tokyo Solamachi complex, Chikyu no Niwa (or “Garden of the Earth”) is a playground where kids can play while also learning to care for the Earth. The playground is made up of three zones: a Kids Garden for children aged up to 12 years old, a Baby Garden for the under-2s, and a Games Corner.
The Kids Garden is divided into areas focusing on a variety of natural themes, so you can learn about the wonders of the Earth and the importance of nature while having fun. In the Sea and Wind Area, feel the breeze on the outdoor terrace and look up to see the magnificent TOKYO SKYTREE. Learn about different aspects of the natural world in the Iceberg, Volcano, Arctic, and Geological Areas. In the City Area, experience aspects of life through pretend play, or take part in workshops about the SDGs.
In the Baby Garden, little ones can climb a mountain, swim in the ball pool, and play house in the wooden kitchen.
The Games Corner is a place where all visitors (including parents) can have fun on the grabber/crane games. The wooden interior has been designed with the idea of "caring for the Earth" in mind.
Check the official website for a calendar of monthly events.


Play! is an indoor plaza consisting of two areas.
The Play! Museum is an art museum where visitors can feel, discover and experience things through pictures, words, images, and three-dimensional objects. Special exhibitions are held throughout the year, featuring a range of interesting artists and themes.
The Play! Park is an indoor playground with original playground equipment created by artists and architects. Children can think for themselves as they find their own ways to play, learning from their experiences. Enjoy physical activity in seven areas, including the Large Plate and the Small Plate. Create things using various materials and tools in the Factory, then display your work in the Gallery. Play with handmade musical instruments in the Studio, be inspired in the Theater, and relax with a picture book in the Library.
Visit the Play! Shop for original items, then head to the Play! Cafe to enjoy food and desserts themed on the exhibitions.
The special exhibitions and large playground equipment change regularly, so check the website for the latest information.

Play! Exterior

Play! Park (Small Plate)

Play! Park (Factory)

Play! Park (Gallery)

Play! Park (Studio)

Itochu SDGs Studio Kids Park

Itochu SDGs Studio Kids Park has four areas themed around the SDGs, as well as toys and picture books.
The Hirameki Ocean introduces children to the negative impact of plastic waste in the sea. Activities such as using one’s own inspiration and creativity to transform floating plastic trash depicted on a digital screen into an ocean creature help kids learn about the importance of picking up garbage and the conservation of the sea.
The Sutenai Atelier focuses on how scrap materials can be reused rather than thrown away. Children can use these materials to express themselves artistically.
The Kikoeru Forest allows children to hear the sounds of animals and nature, perhaps for the first time. Experience the joy of a forest rich in nature where a wide variety of animals coexist, and understand the importance of caring for animals.
The Nanairo Sky area features a seven-color ball pool and a white cloud trampoline. Throw balls into color-coded baskets to create a rainbow, and in so doing, become aware of the importance of sorting and cooperating.

Chikyu no Niwa

Address Tokyo Solamachi East Yard 5F, 1-1-2 Oshiage, Sumida City, Tokyo
URL Chikyu no Niwa (JPN)


Address 2F/3F Green Springs W3, 3-1 Midoricho, Tachikawa, Tokyo
URL Play!

Itochu SDGs Studio Kids Park

Address 2-3-1 Itochu Garden 2F, Kita-Aoyama, Minato City, Tokyo
Others Advance reservation required
URL Itochu SDGs Studio Kids Park

For up-to-date information on opening hours and further details please check the official websites.

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