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added on : November 14, 2022

Sampling regional foods is one of the great joys of traveling through Japan—Tokyo included. The city boasts many specialties, some of which you can find at Tokyo Station's recently reopened Gransta Yaekita dining complex, where new restaurants continue to launch in preparation for the complex’s grand reopening in 2023. Find your favorite Tokyo treats in Tokyo Station’s revamped dining complex.

The Revitalization of a Major JR Tokyo Station Dining Complex

In preparation for Gransta Yaekita's grand opening in 2023, 23 restaurants opened between April and October 2022, and a further 13 are scheduled to begin operations from December. The complex consists of three areas where you can savor Tokyo cuisine created with ingredients from across Japan.
At Yaekita Shokudo on the first floor, you'll find eateries perfect for a quick meal or a leisurely break from the hustle and bustle of the city whether you're flying solo or exploring with friends. For drinks or a meal served with a side of sophisticated elegance, Kurobei Yokocho on the first basement floor is the place to go. If a lively atmosphere is more what you're after, head to Kitamachi Sakaba on the second floor, where izakaya (Japanese-style pubs) and a beer hall provide the perfect setting for a rehash of the day's adventures.

Must-Try Tokyo Treats

Savor a Tokyo tradition straight from a teppan grill with a meal of monjayaki, a dish made of flour, dashi soup stock, shredded cabbage and toppings cooked to perfection by staff at Tsukishima Monja Tamatoya Tokyo Eki, a shop operated by a fish wholesaler based out of Toyosu Fish Market.
In the mood for something sweet? Try the Japanese-style strawberry parfait at the Yaekita Shokudo branch of Fruit Parlor Kajitsuen Liber, a long-operating fruit parlor based in Meguro.

Other specialties you'll find at Gransta Yaekita from venerable Tokyo-based restaurants include gomoku gudakusan ankake yakisoba, a chow-mein dish served at Ankake Yakisoba Nangoku Shuka, and top-notch tempura crafted at Tempura-kushi to Mabushi-meshi Hage-ten.

Gransta Yaekita

Address JR East Tokyo Station (outside ticket gates), Yaesu North Exit, B1F, 1F, 2F, 1-9-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda City, Tokyo
URL Gransta Yaekita (JPN)

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