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added on : February 20, 2023

Find the retro charm of old Tokyo mixed with modern convenience in Kameido. This appealing yet oft-overlooked neighborhood in eastern Tokyo offers excellent shopping with less hustle and bustle and more old-school atmosphere than you'll find in the megacity's major shopping areas.

A Crowning Touch for Kameido

Kameido, easily accessible from downtown Tokyo but much less crowded, is in Tokyo’s Koto City. The neighborhood, located near TOKYO SKYTREE, is known for Kameido Tenjin, a shrine famous for its wisteria. It’s also one of the few places in the city where you can find traces of the old “shitamachi” culture, which refers to the culture of the common people as opposed to that of samurai. Now, a new attraction has arrived that melds Kameido’s carefully preserved past with modern culture: Kameido Clock, a shopping and dining complex that opened in 2022.

Diverse Shops

Kameido Clock boasts shops geared towards people of all ages and interests. The Marché area overflows with fresh and prepared fare and has an eat-in area. Other dining options include the food court, which features kid-favorite fast-food options, and a yokocho-style area offering more adult-friendly menus. Kids will find space to run around in the outdoor play area and new experiences at Kame Labo, a facility set to host hands-on activities and seminars.

Introducing Kameido through Esports

In addition to shopping and dining facilities, Kameido Clock is also home to the Kameido Turtles, an esports team. Through esports, the team aims to both bring the community together and share the many charms of Kameido. When not training or competing in local competitions and official tournaments, members of the team can be found contributing to the Kameido community by holding local events.

Kameido Clock

Address 6-31-6 Kameido, Koto City, Tokyo
URL Kameido Clock (JPN)

For updated information on opening hours, days closed, prices, and more, please check the official website.

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