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added on : May 27, 2024

Rainy weather can affect any visit to Japan. There is a rainy season from early June to late July called tsuyu, and it could rain any time during this period. Umbrellas are the weapon of choice in the battle against precipitation, allowing Japanese folks to go about their ordinary routines without a wardrobe change. Folding umbrellas add an extra layer of convenience. With these three stores, you can beat the rainy season and return home with a seasonal souvenir.

White Rose: The pioneer of the clear umbrella

White Rose made the first plastic umbrella in 1958. Their design has been imitated by cost-cutting competition ever since, but they have stuck to their guns making durable and quality umbrellas. Their Amemachi Series combines the visibility of a clear umbrella with the portability of a folding umbrella. It features the colored trim characteristic of other White Rose umbrellas, in navy blue, gold, red, and black. Most plastic umbrellas are made cheaply, so that they can be used a few times before being thrown away. White Rose, however, makes their products with the intention that they can be used many times. There are even locations where you can have your umbrella repaired to extend its life even further.

Hokusai Graphic: Traditional Patterns with Modern Features

Hokusai Graphic brings traditional patterns and artworks to folding umbrellas. They have a wide range of models with both Japanese and western style umbrellas. All models come with colorful and characteristically Japanese designs. Each design is original, made by in-house designers—and all umbrellas are handmade by craftspeople. Furthermore, many of the models are opaque, so they can also be used as a parasol on sunny days. Their umbrellas aim to merge the charm of traditional Japanese patterns with the usability of a modern umbrella, making them a great pairing when wearing kimono or yukata. The Harajuku location is a short walk from Harajuku Station.

Lusso Rain Gear Shop: Bring the Suica Penguin Home

Lusso is a rain goods store by JR Tokyo Station outside the ticket gates of Marunouchi Underground North Gate. They have umbrellas decorated with the Suica* penguin, so you can take a piece of Tokyo home as a souvenir. There are a few items with the penguin, including a folding umbrella, a standard umbrella, and a folding umbrella case. They also sell other helpful rain goods. There is a folding umbrella that can pack down in only three seconds and another made with recycled textile scraps. Umbrellas leave your feet exposed, but Lusso also has you covered (literally). They have shoe covers in a variety shapes, including a cover for heels which won a Good Design Award.
*Suica: A prepaid card used to ride trains and busses.

White Rose

Address 2-4-8 Kotobuki, Taito City, Tokyo
URL White Rose

Hokusai Graphic

Address Harajuku Box 2F, 4-28-14 Jingumae, Shibuya City, Tokyo
URL Hokusai Graphic (JPN)

Lusso Rain Gear Shop

Address Gransta Tokyo (Outside the Ticket Gate), B1, JR East Tokyo Station, 1-9-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda City, Tokyo
URL Lusso Rain Gear Shop (JPN)

For up-to-date information on opening hours and further details please check the official websites.

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