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added on : July 24, 2023

Asakusa has a long history of leather production. In addition to leather and material shops, there are around 100 shoe factories in Asakusa. These three makers each offer a different angle on shoemaking in Tokyo’s footwear capital.

Tokyo Kimono Shoes: Sustainable Shoes with Unmistakable Japanese Flavor

Tokyo Kimono Shoes fuses iconic kimono fabrics with quality leather sneakers to create a distinctively Japanese shoe, fit for any occasion. The base of the shoe is constructed from genuine leather, and this leather skeleton is adorned with recycled kimono fabrics. Customers are encouraged to come to the shop and choose the materials themselves, picking from the wide array of textiles on display in the shop. Each shoe is unique, using a different cut of kimono fabric each time. Most modern shoes are made to be replaced within a year, adding to the tremendous amount of waste from fast fashion. On the other hand, more than 500 tons of kimonos are discarded every year. Tokyo Kimono Shoes offers a solution to both problems, breathing fresh life into discarded kimonos and creating quality footwear meant to last.

U-DOT: Color Custom Shoes

U-DOT offers unique, unconventional shoes that allow customers to express their personality. There are many styles available, from fringe loafers to sports sandals with Vibram soles. At the showroom, customers can customize their shoes with a variety of materials and colors to design a custom pair of shoes to their liking. Each shoe is entirely handmade, cutting a single piece of leather to ensure quality and consistency. U-DOT has a wide range of clients, including the viral J-rock band, YOASOBI, who had multiple pairs made to match outfits they wore on stage.

2212 Shoes: More than a Shoe Store

Located less than a block away from Asakusa Station, 2212 Shoes offers quality handmade shoes with a twist. This shop reimagines the traditional shoe store, starting with a combination mocktail bar, gallery, and relaxation space on the first floor. The bar features drinks with the same creativity employed in their shoes, inspired by the Japanese concept of harmony. The second floor is dedicated to shoes, offering a collection that is sleek and stylish, centered around quality leather boots and dress shoes. While there are ready-to-wear shoes available in the shop, customers can also have a pair handmade to their measurements. The in-house licensed shoe fitter ensures that customers leave with shoes comfortably contoured to their feet. Each pair of shoes is made in Japan and constructed with a Goodyear welt or Blake stich, which allows them to be resoled and worn for many years.

Tokyo Kimono Shoes

Address 2-11-9 Hanakawado, Taito City, Tokyo
URL Tokyo Kimono Shoes


Address 6-13-5 Asakusa, Taito City, Tokyo

2212 Shoes

Address 2-19-6 Kaminarimon, Taito City, Tokyo
URL 2212 Shoes (JPN)

For up-to-date information on opening hours and further details please check the official website.

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