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added on : April 24, 2023

Whether it’s your first time in Japan, or you’ve been many times before, Tokyo is a great place to visit for those who are interested in food. Sample the latest culinary trends at these food hot spots, which combine a focus on delicious taste and authentic ingredients with a commitment to sustainability.


YANMAR TOKYO is a complex of restaurants, shops, and an interactive gallery. It highlights the diverse varieties of rice from all over Japan, and features rice in Japanese and western cuisine. YANMAR TOKYO builds a connection between people who love food, from growers to chefs to the diners themselves. Yanmar aspires to a sustainable society and a sustainable future.

The YANMAR KOME GALLERY* uses digital technology to teach visitors about the past and present of rice farming in Japan, and provides a space where they can think about a sustainable future. As you walk through the HANASAKA SQUARE event space, look up and enjoy the cherry blossom artwork on the vaulted ceiling.
(*Kome means “rice” in Japanese)

Asterisco is an Italian restaurant with rice at the heart of its menu. Its name encourages diners to “put an asterisk on the delicious things they discover at the restaurant.” Here you can enjoy a variety of menus that combine seasonal ingredients from all over Japan. YUMCHA STYLE is a fun and engaging serving style that allows customers to choose from a menu of small plate dishes, while listening to explanations from staff about the appeal of ingredients and the stories of producers.

In the basement, you’ll find Noriben Yaehachi, a bento (lunch box) take-out shop that uses specially cultivated Koshihikari rice, carefully cooked in a hagama pot, and seaweed harvested from Mikawa Bay. The Sake-ice Tokyo Shop sells ice cream made with sake, showcasing Japan’s sake culture in collaboration with sake breweries from all over the country. Non-alcoholic ice cream made with Yanmar's original rice gelée is also available.


The Bank food complex can be found on the site of the former Nihonbashi Kabutocho Bank, and contains a bakery, bistro, coffee bar and shop, and flower shop.

At Bank bakery, a variety of delicious breads and baked goods are available, including their popular croissants made with original aged fermented butter that creates a unique flavor. The Yen bistro offers dishes that go well with bread, based on classic French techniques, focusing on a combination of flavors, textures, and ingredients.

In addition to carefully selected tableware and sundries, Coin coffee bar and shop offers original furniture and items, such as plant-based candles made from olive oil that would otherwise be discarded. Fete is a floral design shop selling original flower products including bouquets, potpourri, and aroma diffusers, as well as decorations using plants.

Good Eat Village

In the Good Eat Village you’ll find a cafe and market, the Good Eat Club shop, a co-working space with a kitchen, and the Delicious Future Lab. Its aim is to create a food community, where people, wisdom, technology, culture, art, music come together, with food at the center. It offers a menu of products that make use of ingredients from all over Japan, as well as limited edition items that have been created in collaboration with food producers and specialty food stores. For example, a recent collaboration with Happy Pudding Shop Mahakara and Izawa Strawberry Garden saw the creation of a seasonal seven-layer strawberry pudding.

Public House Yoyogi Uehara is a cafe and market with the theme of "connecting food to the future." Acting as a modern community center, the store offers dishes that use products from the Good Eat Club food community and vegetables grown in fields that have been around since the Edo period.
Delicious Future Lab examines the question "How can we create a delicious future?", and holds events and workshops on subjects such as food and music pairing, molecular cooking, and geo-gastronomy.


Address 2-1-1 Yaesu, Chuo City, Tokyo


Address 1F/B1F Kabutocho 7th Peace Building, 6-7 Nihonbashi Kabutocho, Chuo City, Tokyo
URL Bank

Good Eat Village

Address 1F/B1F, 3-11-8 Nishihara, Shibuya City, Tokyo
URL Good Eat Village (JPN)

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