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added on : November 20, 2023

Japanese culture is fascinating and multifaceted, and you’ll often find tradition and modernity combined in exciting and vibrant ways. A great way to enhance a visit to Japan is by experiencing some of these aspects of Japanese culture first-hand. You’ll find some great opportunities at these recently-opened spots.

Hanamichi Tokyo Kabukicho

Conveniently located just a five-minute walk from Shinjuku Station, Hanamichi Tokyo Kabukicho is a center to promote Japanese culture from the Kabukicho area.
The central focus is the Kabukicho Theater on the basement floor. This is the only place to enjoy “popular theater” on the Yamanote Line, providing a fascinating opportunity to watch theater derived from authentic kabuki. The theater has classic stage features, including a “hanamichi” walkway (a raised wooden platform used by characters to enter and exit the stage), as well as “seri” elevator mechanisms to raise and lower actors or parts of the stage and set. These traditional features are enhanced by the latest technology, with a large permanent LED screen measuring 7m x 3m. You can buy snacks and drinks to enjoy during a performance at the Hanamichi Cafe, which also opens as a bar in the evenings.
Kinumo is a Japanese costume rental store with a modern twist. You can borrow a range of Japanese clothing from casual kimonos to theatrical costumes and retro Showa-style outfits, along with accessories. Transform your appearance, then try out your new look in the nearby restaurants or theater.
There’s a restaurant area with an Edo-period theme, where you can sample one of the “big four” principal foods of the Edo period - sushi, tempura, soba, and eel. There are also places to enjoy a drink, an open space with a barbecue terrace, and private rooms which can be reserved for parties and other events.

Auberge Tokito

Head to the Tachikawa area of Tokyo to visit Auberge Tokito, an oasis of calm in the busy city, which offers a high-end dining experience inspired by kaiseki course meals and other aspects of Japanese cuisine. There’s also a dedicated tea ceremony room, as well as four guest rooms with private open-air baths.
The traditional Japanese tea ceremony has a long history and deep cultural significance. Auberge Tokito offers a modern interpretation of “the way of tea.” The tea room is located in the tranquility of the garden. It has a mixture of sunken kotatsu seats and high chairs, as well as an electric fireplace. It’s the perfect place to experience the peace and calm of the tea ceremony, while learning how it has evolved over the years. You can sample three types of tea, accompanied by Japanese and Western sweets. Note that reservations must be made in advance.

Ninja Tokyo Proshop

You may not expect to find any ninja inside the iconic red and white structure of Tokyo Tower, but true to their reputation for stealth and secrecy, the ninja of the hidden village in Chiyoda have relocated their armory shop to the second floor of Tokyo Tower.
Ninja Tokyo Proshop is a ninja specialty store and the perfect place for fans of all things ninja to purchase a memorable souvenir or gift. There’s a range of ninja weapons and armor, a variety of ninja souvenirs for children made from rubber and plastic, and a selection of original ninja foods, including ninja cookies and Koga Cola.
See if you possess the skills to become a ninja yourself by throwing shuriken (throwing stars) in the Shuriken Experience Booth, and then take a souvenir photo in the Ninja Photo Booth.

Hanamichi Tokyo Kabukicho

Address 1-6-12 Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku City, Tokyo
URL Hanamichi Tokyo Kabukicho

Auberge Tokito

Address 1-24-26 Nishiki-cho, Tachikawa City, Tokyo
Other Advance reservation required
URL Auberge Tokito

Ninja Tokyo Proshop

Address 2F Tokyo Tower, 4-2-8 Shiba Koen, Minato City, Tokyo
URL Ninja Tokyo Proshop (JPN)

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