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added on : December 11, 2023

The Gotanda neighborhood in Shinagawa City, known mainly as a residential area and business district, is often overlooked by tourists. Gotanda straddles the Meguro River, which provides a picturesque spot for a stroll as well as hanami flower viewing when the cherry trees bloom in spring. Gotanda Station is a major stop on the JR Yamanote Line and provides access to Sakurada Dori, one of Tokyo major avenues. Gotanda is an up-and-coming area, with new developments including the Gotanda JP Building, which will be completed December 2023. We also shine a spotlight on some fashionable ramen shops in Gotanda, where you can enjoy the authentic taste of Michelin-level Japanese cuisine at an affordable price.

Gotanda JP Building

The Gotanda JP Building is scheduled to be completed in December 2023, on the former site of Yu-Port Hall. This large complex has a height of approximately 100 meters, a site area of approximately 6,700 square meters, and a total floor area of approximately 69,000 square meters. The partially steel-framed reinforced concrete structure has 20 floors above ground and 3 floors underground. Based on the concept of "Tokyo, Next Creation," it aims to be a next-generation urban hub that encourages a variety of encounters and exchanges.
A food hall on the first floor will be easily accessible to local residents and visitors alike. The second floor will be a shared office space, aimed at promoting collaboration and innovation among business, including start-up companies. Meanwhile, the third floor will have a multipurpose hall, designed to support a range of cultural, business and entertainment activities. The 3rd to 12th floors will provide one of the largest floor areas for offices in the Gotanda area. A Hoshino Resorts hotel will occupy the 14th to 20th floors, with a restaurant and an open terrace with great views over the city. These will also be accessible to visitors not staying at the hotel. Around the building, a “Gotanda Forest” will be created with newly-planted trees.

Michelin-level gourmet ramen

In April 2023, a new ramen restaurant, Hakata Ittaiichi, opened in Gotanda. The chef is Goji Kawarabata, the owner of the famous “Kappo Ajimi” restaurant in the busy district of Nakasu, Fukuoka. After years of hard work, he earned a Michelin star and now you can enjoy his famous “sea bream fish bone ramen” in Tokyo. With a deep and rich umami flavor, this ramen has a signature cloudy soup made from boiling the heads and bones of sea bream, which is known as the “king of fish” in Japan.

Menya Sign was selected as a Bib Gourmand restaurant in the Michelin Guide Tokyo 2022, and is known for its ramen and sake pairing. Bib Gourmand is a Michelin award for restaurants that offer high quality food at a reasonable price. Menya Sign serves two main types of ramen, “soy sauce” style and “salt” style. They also have abura soba noodles (soupless ramen), as well as a limited edition ramen that changes each month. To complete your meal, you can sample some delicious Japanese sake that goes perfectly with your chosen ramen.

Gotanda JP Building

Address 8-4-13 Nishigotanda, Shinagawa City, Tokyo
URL Gotanda JP Building (JPN)

Hakata Ittaiichi

Address 1-8-11 Higashigotanda, Shinagawa City, Tokyo
URL Hakata Ittaiichi (JPN)

Menya Sign

Address Grace Gotanda, 2-18-3 Nishigotanda, Shinagawa City, Tokyo
URL Menya Sign (JPN)

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