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added on : October 17, 2022

A New Shopping Complex at Shimokitazawa Station

Tokyo's Shimokitazawa neighborhood is known and loved for its constant state of flux. Shimokitazawa Station-adjacent shopping and restaurant complex Mikan Shimokita, which had its grand opening in July 2022, takes that trait and runs with it. “Mikan,” which comes from the Japanese word “mikansei” and translates to “unfinished,” refers to the area’s perpetually shifting state. One thing that does remain consistent is its plethora of unique shops, restaurants and cafes, and Mikan Shimokita has added a number of new stores to the mix.

Vintage Shopping and One-of-a-Kind Finds

Shimokitazawa is Tokyo's mecca for vintage shopping, boasting numerous shops specializing in second-hand clothing. The trendy neighborhood is also known for its one-of-a-kind creations. If that's what you're after, head to Mikan Shimokita's Toyo Department Store. A retro rainbow of second-hand clothing, handmade jewelry and ‘90s cool, this Shimokitazawa-based department store contains seven shops, including Butterfly Fall Vintage (American and European vintage clothes), Sukonbu (one-of-a-kind goods) and A'gem ('90s street style).

A Delicious Variety of International Cuisine

Dining is another Shimokitazawa strength, and Mikan Shimokita shines with diverse dining options. You'll find cuisine from across the Asian continent—Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand—as well as Western food, from burgers and hot dogs to pizza and cafe fare. For a compact complex, the variety is incredible. In addition, many of the restaurants have both indoor and outdoor seating, with the outdoor mimicking the feel of downtown “yokocho” side streets popular with locals and visitors while also providing a fresh-air dining option.

Mikan Shimokita

Address 2-11-15 Kitazawa, Setagaya City, Tokyo
URL Mikan Shimokita (JPN)

For updated information on opening hours, days closed, prices, and more, please check the official website.

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