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added on : November 11, 2019

Aki-Oka Artisan is a unique shopping area located underneath elevated railway tracks. It takes its name from Akihabara and Okachimachi, the two stations it is situated between. The story of this unusual spot starts with 2k540, a collection of shops, workshops, and cafes specializing in Japanese handmade goods and traditional crafts. These unadorned, simple premises resemble warehouses or factories, with a minimalism that's a world apart from glitzy modern shopping malls. Here, you can find a variety of artisanal crafts. In some places, you can even see the workshops where goods are made. Perfect for browsing around or buying a gift for yourself or a loved one, 2k540 is a great spot for craft lovers and newcomers alike. Its overwhelming success prompted several expansions, which are set to continue in December 2019 with the opening of "SEEKBASE AKI-OKA MANUFACTURE."

New in 2019

SEEKBASE AKI-OKA MANUFACTURE, the complex's latest development, is 160 square meters of space just north of Akihabara Station. Opening in December, there will be four new premises, including a distillery and an area to buy, sell, or repair electronic equipment. This fits perfectly with Akihabara's image as an electronics hub. The development also includes Aki Oka's first hotel, a 29-room facility set up in collaboration with the Ikidane chain. There's a mix of room sizes, providing suitable accommodation for everyone from single travelers to families. The hotel is themed around urban sustainability; earthy colors give relief from the bustle of the Akihabara streets. An on-site cafe-bar serves light snacks and meals—perfect to keep you going as you explore the ever-increasing number of unique shopping options.

Note: Actual appearance may differ from the concept art.

Note: Actual appearance may differ from the concept art.

Amazing things from Japan

Aside from 2K540 and the new developments, the Aki-Oka brand encompasses two other nearby locations. The first is Chabara Aki-Oka Marche, an indoor food market that opened in 2013. Its gives customers a chance to discover rare and hard-to-find items, such as condiments and seasonings, from all over the country. The second is Okachimachi Ramen Yokocho, a group of five restaurants each offering a different take on ramen noodles. The overarching theme for these facilities is "amazing things from Japan"— products made in specific place, by a specific artisan. There's a direct connection between the producer and the consumer, with opportunities to ask questions and learn more about what you're buying. Nothing for sale under the Aki-Oka banner is easily found anywhere else in Tokyo.


Address 13-1 Kanda Neribeicho and other areas, Chiyoda City, Tokyo
Hours Varies per facility
Closing days Varies per facility
Access Akihabara Station | 3 min on foot
JR lines
Okachimachi Station | 7 min on foot
JR Yamanote Line
Suehirocho Station | 3 min on foot
Ginza Line
Other For updated information on opening hours, days closed, prices, and more, please check the official website.

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