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added on : April 15, 2019

Satén in Nishi-Ogikubo and Matcha Stand Maruni in Tsukiji are two new, stylish locations to sip on a matcha latte and learn more about Japanese tea. Enthusiasts can buy their own green tea or matcha tea powder to take home.

Satén Japanese tea

"Cha-rista" (tea barista) Kazuhiro Koyama and barista Hibiki Fujioka have paired up to open a tea house in a quiet corner of Nishi-Ogikubo. With its green velvet upholstered chairs and old-school cup-and-saucer sets, Satén has a bit of a retro feel and is the perfect place to relax while you sip an expertly crafted tea or coffee beverage—either alone or with company. Besides the store's ever-popular matcha latte, single origin green tea, straight matcha, and hojicha (roasted green tea) drinks are also offered. If you're really looking to expand your horizons, stop by later in the day and try one of Satén's three unique Japanese tea cocktails.

Matcha Stand Maruni TOKYO TSUKIJI

Matcha Stand Maruni's owner Shingo Ito is a Tsukiji local—he’s the fourth-generation head of his family’s nori shop, which has been in business for over a century. With his new stand, Ito's goal is to introduce Japan's matcha culture to customers in a fun and engaging way, somewhere that falls between casual bottled tea and a full-fledged tea ceremony on a scale of formality. Everything is made out front near the street, offering customers and passersby alike an up-close view. Matcha is vigorously whisked together with hot water and natural sugar cane syrup before being poured into a glass of iced milk to complete the stand's signature latte. While you sip your drink, chat with Ito about the various types of Japanese tea or peruse the stand's beautiful collection of traditional tea bowls, bamboo whisks, and tea pots.

Satén japanese tea

Address 3-25-9 Shoan, Suginami City, Tokyo
Hours 10:00-21:00
*Open until 23:00 on Fridays
Closing days Mondays
Access Nishi-Ogikubo Station | South Exit | 4 min on foot
JR lines
Other For updated information on opening hours, days closed, prices, and more, please check the official website.
URL Satén japanese tea (JPN)

Matcha Stand Maruni TOKYO TSUKIJI

Address 4-14-18 Tsukiji, Chuo City, Tokyo
Hours 9:00-15:00
Closing days Wednesdays, Sundays, and holidays
Access Tsukiji Station | Exit 1 and Exit 2 | 3 min on foot
Hibiya Line

Tsukijishijo Station | 5 min on foot
Oedo Line

Higashi-ginza Station | 7 min on foot
Hibiya Line | Asakusa Line
Other For updated information on opening hours, days closed, prices, and more, please check the official website.
URL Matcha Stand Maruni TOKYO TSUKIJI (JPN)

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