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added on : February 18, 2019

Japan's ninja were masked warriors who lurked in the shadows and were ready to strike at any moment with swords and ninja stars. But how did they learn such techniques? Find out firsthand at the VR Ninja Dojo, a new attraction in Kanda, Tokyo.

How To Be A Ninja

The first stage in your journey will be to don a ninja costume: dark clothes, silent shoes, and a mask. You'll then undergo combat and magic training before putting your new skills to the test in a virtual reality world. Slip on a VR headset and you'll be confronted by terrifying monsters that have you in their sights. Successfully slay your enemies to be presented with a scroll certificate, as well as photographic or video evidence of your graduation to becoming a fully-fledged ninja.

Augmented Reality

Other attractions in Japan allow you to learn about or meet ninja, but the VR Ninja Dojo uses the latest technology to give the most comprehensive experience yet. It's an exciting 21st-century blend of cosplay, virtual reality, and theater.
Foreign ninjas can get a scroll certificate, as well as photos and videos of the training sessions, for free.


Address Takehashi Building, 2-15-15 Uchikanda, Chiyoda City, Tokyo
Hours Reservation only.
Please confirm the time at the time of reservation.
Preliminary opening: February 10
Grand opening: March 18
Closing days Open daily
Access Kanda Station | West Exit | 3 min on foot
JR lines | Ginza Line
Other For updated information on opening hours, days closed, prices, and more, please check the official website.

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