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Scenes of Tokyo as seen from the water

Tokyo waterscapes

Visitors can enjoy various scenes of old and modern day Tokyo from cruise ships that operate on the city's rivers and Tokyo Bay. These include the numerous historically significant bridges of different designs across the Sumida River and modern landmarks such as TOKYO SKYTREE®, Rainbow Bridge, and Tokyo Gate Bridge.

Rainbow Bridge

Experience the intensity of Rainbow Bridge as the boat passes underneath it.

Tennozu to Haneda Airport

Gaze at the planes taking off and landing, and at the line of giant gantry cranes.

Tokyo Gate Bridge to Kasai Rinkai Park

An up-close view of Tokyo Gate Bridge is a cruise highlight.


Admire landmarks like the Ferris wheel at Palette Town and the Fuji TV headquarters building.

Hama-rikyu to Ryogoku

The contrast between the lush green of Hama-rikyu Gardens and towering skyscrapers is a sight unique to Tokyo.


Beyond the bridges in assorted designs over the Sumidagawa River are examples of unique architecture.

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