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Konica Minolta Planetaria Tokyo
Konica Minolta Planetaria Tokyo


Konica Minolta Planetaria Tokyo コニカミノルタプラネタリア TOKYO

How to Get There

  • Hibiya Station | Exit A0 | Right outside
  • Tokyo Metro lines
  • Ginza Station | Exit C4 | 1 min on foot
  • Tokyo Metro lines

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New visual experiences in Yurakucho

Japan's first twin-dome planetarium opens in Yurakucho on December 19th, 2018. You'll find a different spectacle in each dome. Dome 1 uses high-resolution projection and live music to tell stories about a chance meeting in space, while Dome 2 presents a realistic starry sky.

For the opening of Dome 2, the planetarium is collaborating with mega-popular band Dreams Come True. You can gaze at the stars while listening to a playlist of some of their most famous songs. Another new attraction is a 360-degree virtual reality environment that many people can take part in at the same time. The Konica Minolta Planetaria Tokyo offers new visual experiences in the Yurakucho/Ginza area.

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Opening Hours

  • 11:00-22:30 (scheduled)
  • Open daily.
    Closed occasionally for maintenance.

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