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added on : September 24, 2019

A change of pace with tabi shoes

Tabi shoes are a traditional Japanese footwear, easily identified by their split-toe style and ultra-thin sole, that provide greater grip and control than conventional footwear. Traditionally (and in modern times), they are worn by workmen and rickshaw drivers, as well as during matsuri (festivals).
MARUGO TOKYO, located in the historic Nihonbashi neighborhood, opened its showroom in August 2019. But don't let the sleek and modern interior deceive you—this well-known tabi manufacturer from Kurashiki has been producing quality tabi for 100 years.

Festival performers wearing tabi shoes

Take a walk on the wild side

MARUGO TOKYO's tabi shoes range from the simple and traditional to the new and unexpected. Besides the classic style, featuring a calf-high cotton "boot" and beige rubber soles, MARUGO TOKYO also offers a variety of colorful casual and sporty styles, as well as tabi shoes for kids. Popular among everyone from working people to adventurers and athletes, busy moms, and even celebrities, there's a pair of tabi shoes out there for everyone.
With prices starting at around 3,000 yen for a pair, these shoes make for an affordable and distinctly Japanese gift for yourself or someone back home. (Low on suitcase space? Grab a pair of tabi socks!) These tabi shoes are unique footwear that are sure to complete any outfit and serve as a great conversation starter.
An old Japanese saying goes: "Feet are the second heart." Treat your feet to a pair of MARUGO TOKYO tabi shoes!


Address 1-17-1 Kyobashi, Chuo City, Tokyo
Hours 11:00-19:00
Access Tokyo Station | 10 min on foot
JR lines | Marunouchi Line
Nihombashi Station | 8 min on foot
Asakusa Line | Tokyo Metro lines
Takaracho Station | 4 min on foot
Asakusa Line
Other For updated information on opening hours, days closed, prices, and more, please check the official website.

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