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Japan offers a wide range of exciting adventure activities and experiences that allow you to go beyond the usual tourist itinerary and discover another side to this fascinating country. Tokyo is a world-famous capital city, but also home to an abundance of nature. Will you journey to the surrounding mountains and rivers or head to the oceans and islands? Our Adventure Travel Guide will help you explore Tokyo in a new way.

Tokyo Adventure Experience – Mountains & Rivers

Start your adventure by heading to one of the mountains or rivers in and around Tokyo. From hiking and camping to water sports and cycling, there are plenty of adventure experiences to enjoy in the Tokyo area.

Hiking & Trekking

Escape from the hustle and bustle of the city by exploring the mountains, forests, and valleys around Tokyo. A range of hiking trails can be found on Mt. Takao, Mt. Mito, Mt. Hinode, and Mt. Mitake. Enjoy a variety of natural and man-made sights on your walk to the summit, and then savor the spectacular views of the surrounding area. Mt. Takao is a popular day trip known for its cherry blossoms in spring and autumn leaves in fall. Mt. Odake, Mt. Oyama, the Akigawa Valley, and the Sodake Gorge also provide great locations for hiking.

©Hachijojima Tourism Association

Hiking & Trekking
Top Hikes in Tokyo
Mt. Takao


Discovering Tokyo by bicycle allows you to explore the city from a different perspective and at your own pace. There are various options for renting a bicycle, as well as guided cycling tours. Tokyo’s waterfront areas provide a relatively flat and relaxing way to explore the capital. Or, feel the river breeze as you cycle along the banks of the Sumida, Edogawa, Arakawa, and Tama Rivers. Alternatively, enjoy the picturesque cycling route through the Akigawa Valley. One of the best times to go is in the fall to see the autumn leaves as you cycle alongside the Akigawa River.

Cycling the Akigawa Valley
Get on a bicycle and tour Tokyo's waterfronts

Camping & Glamping

There are various campsites around Tokyo offering traditional camping opportunities. Some offer more luxurious glamping options. After hiking through the Hatonosu Gorge, you’ll find camping facilities near Kori Station. Okutama River Terrace also has glamping tents available for rent, complete with BBQ facilities.

Okutama River Terrace
Hatonosu Gorge

Canyoning, Kayaking, SUP & Rafting

Just two hours from the city center, the Okutama area is a great destination for a wide range of adventure activities, including white-water rafting on the Tama river; kayaking on Lake Shiromaru; canoeing; SUP (stand-up paddle surfing); hydrospeeding; and canyoning, which involves traversing majestic canyons, climbing up waterfalls, zip-lining down gorges, and rappelling down cliffs. You can also try kayaking and SUP on the Sumida River in the shadow of TOKYO SKYTREE or on the relatively calm waters of Tokyo Bay and Odaiba beneath Rainbow Bridge. There are also canoe tours along the city’s many canals and river rafting opportunities in Sodake Gorge.

Adventure on the Water
Sodake Gorge(Sogaku Gorge)


Caving offers a fun way to escape the summer heat as you adventure underground. Explore interesting rock formations at the Nippara Limestone Caves, which include the largest cave in the Kanto region. The Otake Limestone Cave is located at the foot of Mt. Mitake and includes illuminated stretches of stalactites and stalagmites.

Nippara Limestone Caves
Otake Limestone Cave


Bird-watchers will be delighted by Tokyo’s wide array of feathered friends. Inokashira Pond is home to pintail, tufted, and mallard ducks in autumn and winter, as well as spot-billed and mandarin ducks throughout the year. Keio Mogusaen is an enchanting flower garden with a number of wild birds which can be spotted year-round. Bird-watching is one of the therapeutic activities on offer at Hinohara Tokyo Citizens' Forest.

Tokyo’s Tranquil Lakes and Ponds
Keio Mogusaen
Hinohara Tokyo Citizens' Forest


In the Okutama area, there are fishing sites on the banks of the Akigawa River that offer rentals and BBQ equipment. Alternatively, Hinohara Kanoto International Trout Fishing Ground is a family-friendly fishing center where you can have a go at catching rainbow trout.

Okutama & Around
Hinohara Kanoto International Trout Fishing Ground

Nature Tour

Have a day out in nature. The one-day course in Okutama takes you through Hatonosu Gorge and the Nippara Limestone Caves, and ends with a relaxing hot spring soak. A boat tour offers a fun way to explore the capital and see the sights from the water. Sail across Tokyo Bay, from Asakusa and Odaiba, with stops along the way. If you’re visiting in June, go to see fireflies around the Nariki River.

One Day in Okutama
Scenic Views from the Water
Seeing Fireflies Around Tokyo's Picturesque Waterways

Tokyo Adventure Experience – Oceans & Islands

Tokyo is more than just an urban mega-city—the metropolitan area also encompasses the Izu Islands and Ogasawara Islands to the south of Tokyo Bay. The ocean waters are the perfect spot for diving, snorkeling and swimming with dolphins. Or, turn your head to the night sky for some spectacular stargazing. Head out to the ocean and islands for your next Tokyo adventure.


The crystal-clear waters of the Izu Islands and Ogasawara Islands offer a great opportunity to dive with dolphins and other marine life. Shikinejima Island and Oshima Island are popular for scuba diving and snorkeling. Kozushima Island has a snorkel-swim play area, as well as scuba diving spots. Other recommended locations include Hachijojima Island, Toshima Island, Miyakejima Island, and Mikurajima Island.

Diving & Snorkelling
Beach & Pool


Kozushima Island is a natural planetarium and the first island in Tokyo to be designated as an International Dark Sky Park (a Dark Sky Island) for its efforts in preserving dark night skies and protecting the nocturnal environment. Take a stargazing tour with a local guide, appreciate the starry night sky, and wonder at the grandeur of the universe. The largely untouched Aogashima Island is another stargazing paradise—the perfect spot to take in the grandeur of the Milky Way. At the right time, you might see Canopus, the second-brightest star in the night sky, or the Perseid meteor shower. Or, head to the Shichito Observatory on Mt. Oyama on Miyakejima Island for great views.

Kozushima Island
Aogashima Island
Shichito Observatory

Dolphin Swimming

The season for swimming and diving with dolphins typically runs from April to November. You can take a tour to see and swim with dolphins in the coastal waters of Toshima Island and Mikurajima Island.

Toshima Island
Mikurajima Island


Renting a bicycle offers a great way to explore the islands, such as Shikinejima Island or Niijima Island. Alternatively, in mainland Tokyo, you can take a seaside cycling route to discover the area between Shinagawa and Ota.

Niijima Island
Shikinejima Island
Seaside Activities in Southern Tokyo


Tokyo has a range of urban fishing spots suitable for amateurs and pros, including the Benkei Fishing Club and Ichigaya Fish Center. For even more natural surroundings, Hachijojima Island and Miyakejima Island are home to a variety of fish and stunning island scenery.

©Hachijojima Tourism Association

Fun and Fishing in Tokyo

Hiking & Trekking

The Izu Islands and Ogasawara Islands offer plenty of opportunities for hiking and trekking. On Oshima Island, hike up the volcanic Mt. Mihara and trek across its famous black desert. On Chichijima Island, take a trekking tour to reach the sea cliffs and see the remarkable heart-shaped red boulder known as Chihiroiwa.

Hachijojima Island
Oshima Island


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