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Updated: September 14, 2023

Countless amazing landscapes await amid caves, dams, and waterfalls

The Okutama area to the far west of Tokyo is full of natural beauty that exemplifies Japan: mountains covered in lush forests, valleys bisected by clear rivers, and rocks covered by delicate moss. This course takes you through a gorge, a massive cave network, and ends at a hot spring. It's perfect for people who want a day out in nature...or just lots of gorgeous pictures for social media!

General Tips

  • Look out over the Hatonosu Gorge to see vibrant scenery that changes with the seasons
  • Go deep in the Nippara Limestone Caves
  • Take a well-earned soak at the Moegi-no-Yu hot springs

Map Legend

  • Walking
  • Taxi
  • Bus
  • Train
  • Water Bus


Starting our journey in deep western Tokyo

Begin at Hatonosu Station

Start your Okutama exploration at Hatonosu Station, a stop on the JR Ome Line that's roughly 70 minutes from Tachikawa Station. It's also close to Okutama Station, which we'll be traveling through later.

Walking5 mins


A stunning overlook

Vibrant colors and scenery at Hatonosu Gorge

About a 10-minute walk from Hatonosu Station you'll find its namesake gorge. Head to the suspension bridge and look out over the Tama River and the trees around it—vibrant green in the summer and enchanting reds and golds in autumn.

Walking10 mins


See Japan's Longest Fish Ladder

Shiromaru Dam

This imposing dam is home to the longest fish ladder in Japan. At approximately 330 meters long, Shiromaru Dam's fish ladder helps trout migrate upstream. The fish ladder is open for public viewing from April through November, but only during selected dates—mainly weekends and public holidays. You can see the fish ladder every day from late July to the end of August.

TrainandBusandWalking1 hour 10 mins


The largest cave network in the Kanto region

Nippara Limestone Caves

These karst caves are filled with stunning limestone formations created over thousands of years. Inside, you'll find a statue of Kannon, the goddess of mercy, that's said to help with matchmaking—a remnant from the times when ascetic monks used the caves for their training. At various times during the day, the caves are lit up in a rainbow of color. The average temperature inside is 11℃, so it's best to bring a jacket to keep yourself warm.
Retrace your steps back to Okutama Station for the final attraction of the day.

WalkingandBusandWalking1 hour


The ultimate end to a day out in nature

Pamper yourself at Moegi-no-Yu

Time for a well-earned soak at this onsen (hot spring). Enjoy indoor and outdoor baths, or just take a moment to relax at the communal foot bath. At Moegi-no-Yu, 100% natural hot spring water is drawn from deep underground. The onsen's outdoor baths also offer lovely views of the Tama River.

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