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Updated: December 14, 2023

Mt. Kofuji 小富士

Hahajima Island, Ogasawara Village, Tokyo

A mini mountain boasting marvelous views

If you're looking to take in all the sights and sounds of Hahajima, then the hiking trails to Mt. Kofuji (or, "Small Fuji") are just the thing. Striking out south from Oki Port, take the wandering jungle paths that lead to the tip of the island.

As you pass lush green ferns and vine-laden trees, keep an eye out for the endemic species of the island, especially the unique varieties of birds, crabs and snails. For visitors who aren't on a strict schedule, there are plenty of meandering side routes that lead to secluded beaches, perfect for snorkeling. (But watch for sharp coral and strong currents.)

When you finally conquer Mt. Kofuji, the observation point at the top offers splendid views of the surrounding beaches and smaller islands further south. For those who have even more time to dawdle, the unimpeded view of the sunrise is stunning. Note that it's pitch-dark before sunrise, so don't forget to bring a headlight or flashlight.


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