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Sanja Matsuri (Sanja-sama)
Sanja Matsuri (Sanja-sama)

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Sanja Matsuri (Sanja-sama) 三社祭


According to a legend, Hinokuma brothers Hamanari and Takenari pulled a Kannon (Goddess of Mercy) statuette from the Miyato (Sumida) River when casting their net there. A wealthy landlord named Hajinomatsuchi enshrined the statuette in his home, which was the beginning of today's Sensoji temple. Later, a shrine was built to honor the three men as deities. This is the Asakusa Shrine, whose nickname Sanja-sama means Shrine of the Three Gods.The Sanja Festival was started to celebrate the three tutelary deities of the locality and has long been nationally recognized as the wildest festival of Edo-Tokyo. It is counted among the three great festivals that originated in Edo and still remains as an important event of Tokyo.


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