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Updated: February 1, 2024

Consult us about your trip free-of-charge from wherever you like, such as at home or your destination.

The Tokyo Tourist Information Center provides tourist information online to visitors to Tokyo from Japan or abroad. This service allows you to receive tourist information in a variety of languages from wherever you like such as at home or your destination, and it is provided free-of-charge to all travelers visiting Tokyo from other parts of Japan or abroad. All communications are done online, so you can easily access this service even from overseas.

How to use this service

  • Where’s the best place to go sightseeing in Tokyo?

  • Access the online tourist guide

  • Select a language (English / Chinese / Korean / Japanese)

  • You can get travel advice from a tourist guide expert. (Smartphones also supported!)

User guide (PDF)

Please select the operating system. The online tourist guide user guide (PDF) will then be displayed.

  • Click here to access the online tourist guide immediately!
  • Click here for the Smartphone version.

Main services

  • 1 Tokyo and nationwide tourist information
  • 2 Tourist spots and route guides
  • 3 Access information
  • 4 Tokyo accommodation guide
  • 5 Volunteer Tokyo tourist guide introduction

Similar to the Tokyo Tourism Information Center, the online tourist guide introduces tourist spots and routes in Tokyo and all across Japan and provides a guide to access and accommodation information. The four languages of Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean are supported and, provided that you have an Internet connection, you can access this service from anywhere in the world. It is extremely useful for getting information about your destination before departure.

Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean
English & Japanese: 24 hours a day (year-round)
Chinese & Korean: 7:00-22:00 (year-round)
To contact the service outside of hours, use the email address below. Inquiries will be addressed in the order in which they are received.
Note: Service hours are subject to change.
<System requirements>
The supported browsers are shown below. If you use anything other than the below systems or browsers, video and telephone call connections may not be possible.

PC (Windows/Mac)
  • Google Chrome (latest version)
  • Microsoft Edge (latest version)
  • Safari (latest version)
  • Firefox (latest version)
  • Google Chrome (latest version)
  • Firefox (latest version)
  • Safari (latest version)
  • Calls cannot be made using Internet Explorer.
  • Calls cannot be made using iOS Chrome.
  • Connections may be poor if you are using an old iOS version. Please update to the latest version to use this service.
  • It may not be possible to get a good connection for calls when using the browser embedded in the app (Webview).
  • Using Desktop Chrome is recommended for the operator console.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a charge to access online tourist guide?

A: No fees are charged for the consultation service. You are expected to provide the communication system yourself.

Q: I cannot access the dedicated website.

A: Please ensure you are using a supported browser.

System requirements: PC (Windows/Mac): Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Firefox
iPhone/iPad : Safari
Android : Google Chrome, Firefox
*Please use the latest versions of these browsers.

Q: The call was connected, but I cannot hear the operator's voice.

A: Please check the speaker volume of your earphone microphone or communication terminal.

Q: The call was connected, but the operator cannot hear my voice.

A: Please check the settings of your earphone microphone or communication terminal. *Earphones or communication terminals without a microphone function cannot be used.

Q: Do you support any languages other than Japanese, English, Chinese or Korean?

A: Only those 4 languages are supported.

Remarks, User Policy

LiveCall Service Terms of Use (Extract)
Points to Note when Using this Service

These Points to Note are for using Tourist Information Center’s online tourist guide service.

  • Not all languages are offered. (Available languages are displayed.)
  • This service is for instruction and introduction, and reservations or sales of any kind are not conducted.
  • Depending on the network environment and traffic conditions, there may be an inability to maintain a stable connection. Connection rates depend on the data plan to which you have subscribed, and additional fees may be required.
  • When using smart phones and tablets other than Apple devices, please use Android 4.2 OS or above, and the latest version of Google Chrome for a browser. Without using the above system requirements there is a possibility you will be unable to use this service.
  • When using an iPhone or iPad, please download the special app. Tapping the connect button will automatically take you to the Apple Store(System requirements: iOS 8.0 and above)
  • Using Tokyo Tourist Information Center’s online tourist guide service means that you have agreed to the LiveCall Terms of Use.

Live Call User Policy

The following is the Terms of Service that govern the use of LiveCall service (“the Service”).


  1. Using the Service, you agree to read, understand and comply with the Terms of Service. You shall not use the Service if you do not agree to the Terms of Service.
  2. The Service provider company shall be able to change the Terms of Service and the information published therein at any time without notice. The Service provider company may make improvements, changes, modifications, or cancellation of the contents, programs or product information of the Service without notice at any time.
  3. The customer cannot use the Service and the website of the Service to investigate functions, performance, or availability as a measurement of benchmark or reverse engineering.

Handling of customer information

  1. The handling of customer information provided when using the Service is in accordance with the Bureau and Service provider company's privacy policy.

Disclaimer of Warranty

The Service provider company does not make any guarantees concerning the following items.

  • (a) The contents of the Service meet customer's requirements.
  • (b) The Service shall not be interrupted.
  • (c) The Service will be provided in a timely manner.
  • (d) The Service is completely safe.
  • (e) There shall be no defects in the Service.
  • (f) No error shall occur in programs or data provided by the Service.
  • (g) The information that can be obtained through the Service is accurate and reliable.
  • (h) Data transmitted or received through the Service is stored in a predetermined server, transmitted to other parties, or displayed on the screen.

Disclaimer, force majeure, limit of responsibility

  1. For direct, indirect, incidental, derivative, special and punitive damages (including lost income or expected profits, or loss of business) that occurred with respect to the implementation and use of the Service, the Bureau and Service provider company shall not be held responsible, whether or not the damage was caused by a third party or the Bureau and Service provider company was informed in advance of the possibility of such damages (unless there is intent or gross negligence in the Bureau and Service provider company).
  2. the Bureau and Service provider company shall not be held responsible if the performance of the obligation of the Service has been rendered impossible or delayed due to circumstances beyond the Bureau and Service provider company's control. The events of force majeure include but are not limited to government actions, war, riots, strikes or labor disputes, technical troubles, internet unavailability, power outages, communication trouble, weather, floods, fires, explosions, natural disasters, regional emergencies, and so on.

Reservation of rights

The Service provider company reserves all rights pertaining to the Service subject to the limited rights explicitly granted under the Terms of Service. No rights other than explicitly stipulated within the Terms of Service are granted to you.

The original Japanese text of the Terms of Service is the official, authoritative version. Translations are provided as an accommodation only and should be referenced with the Japanese text which is the only version that is intended to have legal effect.

Please see the below URLs for introductions regarding the Bureau and the Service provider company.
Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau:
The Service provider company:

The Tokyo Tourist Information Center has 5 different locations in the Tokyo area. Be sure to drop into one when visiting Tokyo.
Please refer to this site “Tokyo Tourism Information Center” for details.