Shinjuku gives off the most Asian style heat in Tokyo. Students and businessmen, people from all walks of life and ethnic groups crowd together on streets lined with places popular with both locals and tourists! Shinjuku town begins at the world’s busiest train station - let’s shop Tokyo Shinjuku-style!


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Area Guide

Discover the local attractive sights while shopping!

  • East Exit square
  • Underground mall
  • Amusment arcade
  • Rooftop garden
  • Coffee break
  • Nishi-Shinjuku skyscrapers
  • Love
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Government Buildings Nishi-shinjuku

Pick of the Area

Department Store Rooftop Gardens

Shinjuku is lined with department stores, many of which feature rooftop gardens—the perfect admission-free resting area. From I-Garden on the 8th floor of Isetan (Map C-1) to White Garden adjacent to the 13th floor restaurant park of Takashimaya Times Square (Map C-2), the English garden Q-Court on the 9th floor of Marui Honkan (Map C-1), and Lumine Garden 9 on the 9th floor of Lumine Est (Map B-1), Tokyo’s rooftops are wonderfully rich in lush greenery. Take your own drink and visit one or all of these fun spots on breaks between shopping.
(Photo left: Takashimaya White Garden / Photo right: Marui Honkan Q-COURT)

Search Sightseeing Spots


Tokyo Tourist Information Center Main Office

Let’s visit the Tokyo Tourist Information Center of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building No. 1 North Tower. It offers all the sightseeing information you need, from brochures in various languages to volunteer Tokyo tour guides. Internet and free WiFi services available. (9:30-18:30 *Closed year-end through New Year holidays and during building maintenance)

Access Map